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  1. MarshFellow

    Backup Spool

    Thanks. I now have two spools: one loaded with full-sink and one with intermediate. Last time I made it out (a couple weeks ago), the fishing was so slow that I experimented with switching back and forth. I got to the point where I could do it fairly quickly. It's a bit cumbersome, but better than lugging a second rod around.
  2. MarshFellow


    Thanks for the report and the great photos. My time on the water this month has been severely limited due to work and family travel, and when I have gotten out it's been dead. I'm on the road through most of next week, so it looks like I'm going to go for O-for-August. Hoping for a good September rally.
  3. MarshFellow

    Backup Spool

    Thanks guys. I tend to get stuck in ruts based on what's worked at specific places in the past, and don't change things up as much as I probably should.
  4. MarshFellow

    Backup Spool

    I know that many of you keep a couple spools loaded with different types of line so you’re ready for different types of opportunities. Curious to hear what folks use and how often you go back and forth. I tend to be a full-sink guy most of the time, and am less familiar with what people use for top-water.
  5. MarshFellow


    Eerily quiet this morning for the drop at one of my local spots - not a bump. The water is very warm. I think this upcoming stretch of relatively cool weather (and ever-shorter days) will start to change things.
  6. MarshFellow

    Baxter Area in August

    I'm going to be camping at Katahdin Stream with the wife and kids for three days starting this coming Saturday. We plan to do a lot of hiking, including Mt. Katahdin, but I'm also hoping to find some trout at some point. I'd welcome any intel or suggestions on nearby ponds or streams, including fly selection (I'm assuming that my green crabs won't cut it ). Please PM me if you have any thoughts. Thanks in advance!
  7. MarshFellow

    First Striper

    Awesome - congrats. He must've felt right at home with this FL-like weather.
  8. MarshFellow

    The Allagash in August

    I've done the trip from Churchill Dam to Allagash Village a few times, always in early August. By this time of year you'll have a hard time finding trout in the river itself, but you can usually get brookies in the smaller/colder feeder streams and beaver ponds. Good luck!
  9. MarshFellow

    Stripers Downeast in Milbridge

    I was just talking with someone from Machias the other day, who showed me a photo of a guy who caught a 40-incher just to the upstream side of the Route 1 causeway that heads north/east out of Machias. Apparently it's not too uncommon for cows to get stuck there after slipping past the flaps that regulate the tidal water there. I never would've thought they'd be that far downeast.
  10. MarshFellow

    Awfully quiet.

    Dog days - hit or miss. I fished for three hours the other day for one dink.
  11. MarshFellow

    Nice fish

    Yikes - understatement for sure! I'm just going to assume that the one that broke off my leader this morning after the excess fly line in my basket got fouled up around my reel was about that size. Thanks for sharing those. That's what keeps getting us up even when we know we really need to sleep at some point....
  12. MarshFellow

    Had a rough month

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you can get some aquatic therapy.
  13. MarshFellow

    Leave no trace

    I was packing up after a nice outing at one of the “usual” spots yesterday when I noticed several cigarette butts and some fishing line in the dirt next to the road. I suppose the butts theoretically could’ve come from anyone, but the fishing line was pretty incriminating. I scooped everything up and put it in my car for disposal later. The location in question is a densely developed residential area where public access to the water is at a premium and anyone who cuts through is technically trespassing. This has generally been permitted based on the understanding that we are not causing any harm, and most of us try to go out of our way to be respectful and friendly. I’d hate to see the property owners seize on obvious fisherman litter as a pretense for blocking our access. Let’s all be extra careful about how we treat the areas where we park and traverse on our way to the water. If you see trash, pick some up so we actually have a net positive impact. OK, I’m done scolding. Tight lines!
  14. MarshFellow

    Time for another to step up.

    Good seeing you yesterday Mal. I have a feeling that won't be your last post
  15. MarshFellow

    Wader pool.

    I'll go with 8/31 - just in time for the September run. My current pair are holding up well (knock on wood), but now that LLB has changed its return/exchange policy I may look elsewhere next time.