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  1. 3rdeyefishin

    Radio Silence... Either....

    I quit
  2. 3rdeyefishin

    Broken rods

    Waiting for Eric to chime in
  3. 3rdeyefishin

    Southern Maine Striped Bass Derby

    https://www.thedock.fishing/posts/th-annual-southern-maine-striper-derby-and-harbor-cruise This is the fourth year we are doing this! Going to be an awesome event, I'm pretty stoked on seeing the size of fish people get with all the good sized fish around. Happening next Sunday, this year we are doing a cruise for the award after party. Should be a good time. Great prizes, great beer, great people, and fishing!! Hit the link for sign ups and more info. Or feel free to message me with any questions. Look forward to seeing everyone!
  4. 3rdeyefishin

    Tidal Currents

    Just from my experience, every place is different when it comes to the tide charts. There's too many variables to consider in every different location. As already said wind and current play a big part in how a tide rises or falls. As well as size of tide and whether it's a moon tide. I.e. when the moon is closer to earth on a full moon the tides are much higher and lower. But not with every full moon. It depends on how close the moon is in its orbit around us. There's allot that goes into understanding the beast that is mother ocean. Your best bet is to pick a few spots you like to fish and figure out what the tide does there. One may be slack while the other has a late or early current. But the only way to really learn your areas is to be there, use the tide charts as a reference and not a Bible. The ocean is a creature in its self and we all are always trying to break the code . Good luck and get out there!
  5. 3rdeyefishin

    Brit Herring are here.

    Just heard of some mackerel around, at least they are on time....
  6. 3rdeyefishin

    Herring Run in the marsh?

    Marshes are one of the first places I'll hit for early fish. Myself, I have never seen the herring running strong in there but marshes are chocked full of food, it's always the one place you hear of a holdover being caught early every year. The fish know there's food there, and I've always done well early. My advice is hop around to different spots in the marsh, there's plenty of access, and find what works on what tide. Like what's said in the other early season posts, you gotta find the tide that works and the conditions that work to get the bite. It can only come from being out there. But you're on the right path. When the time comes, just get out there and keep at it, you'll learn a ton on your own.
  7. 3rdeyefishin

    Welded Loop Trouble

    I have dealt with the same issue over and over and found that cutting the loop and tieing a small piece of 40 or 50# mono or flouro to the end of the fly line using a nail knot then on the other end using a surgeons knot so you can loop your leader to that. That was my remedy to this problem, been good so far. Just my thoughts.
  8. 3rdeyefishin

    Looking for 4 piece 9wt

    I have a 9 wt double l 4 piece I would consider parting with......
  9. 3rdeyefishin

    Overated flies

  10. 3rdeyefishin

    Countdown to 2018

    Where's the rest of your beard? That's what circa 97/98?
  11. 3rdeyefishin

    Time to adjust.

    Don't you love how unpredictable fish are? This year I found bigger fish in places where I normally only saw small fish. No change in lure selection, also heard of fish migrating North of us where they haven't seen stripes in years. Due to water temps? Bait? Tried asking the fish but they were tight lipped. Oh the joys and let downs of fishing in the wide open Atlantic. Wouldn't try to over think it. Next year will be completely different, or will it?
  12. 3rdeyefishin

    I have not tried this...

    I found out a few years ago that I am allergic to a compound in neoprene an some rubber boot foot waders. Seeing how this is a polyurethane compound which can be found in neoprene I would not use this.
  13. 3rdeyefishin

    Fish tattoos

    Here's the whole sleeve, the rainbow trout roses are a cover up and require one more pass through the roses. The next one is a cover up done on his son in one shot that took 8 hours. The guy sat like a champ, no squirming or moving just a couple bathroom breaks. That also needs one more pass once it's healed and settled. Thanks again.
  14. 3rdeyefishin

    Fish tattoos

    Took about six sessions. It's on a guy from Mass who I go down and tattoo at the shop I apprenticed at and he comes up to old orchard as well to get work done, probably took about six months. Completely unplanned as far as doing a whole sleeve but made everything piece together pretty well. Thanks for the kind words.
  15. 3rdeyefishin

    Fish tattoos

    Thanks for the input, should be able to see them now.