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  1. Overated flies

  2. Countdown to 2018

    Where's the rest of your beard? That's what circa 97/98?
  3. Time to adjust.

    Don't you love how unpredictable fish are? This year I found bigger fish in places where I normally only saw small fish. No change in lure selection, also heard of fish migrating North of us where they haven't seen stripes in years. Due to water temps? Bait? Tried asking the fish but they were tight lipped. Oh the joys and let downs of fishing in the wide open Atlantic. Wouldn't try to over think it. Next year will be completely different, or will it?
  4. I have not tried this...

    I found out a few years ago that I am allergic to a compound in neoprene an some rubber boot foot waders. Seeing how this is a polyurethane compound which can be found in neoprene I would not use this.
  5. Fish tattoos

    Here's the whole sleeve, the rainbow trout roses are a cover up and require one more pass through the roses. The next one is a cover up done on his son in one shot that took 8 hours. The guy sat like a champ, no squirming or moving just a couple bathroom breaks. That also needs one more pass once it's healed and settled. Thanks again.
  6. Fish tattoos

    Took about six sessions. It's on a guy from Mass who I go down and tattoo at the shop I apprenticed at and he comes up to old orchard as well to get work done, probably took about six months. Completely unplanned as far as doing a whole sleeve but made everything piece together pretty well. Thanks for the kind words.
  7. Fish tattoos

    Thanks for the input, should be able to see them now.
  8. Fish tattoos

    So Photobucket didn't do that an hour ago, can anyone help me in how to troubleshoot this?
  9. Fish tattoos

    Just wanted to share a couple pictures of some fish I tattooed. They are all healed and settled in to the skin. I thought some of you guys and gals might appreciate seeing em. One of my favorite subject matters to tattoo. Thanks
  10. If you fished the cape cod canal at all this year they you'd see first hand the mentality of allot of anglers. I fished it for three consecutive days this year and was disgusted by the amount of big breading fish kept. The Mass environmental police did pretty well on getting the guys who ran to their truck to stash their thirty pounders so they could go back and get more..... Oh the humanity....
  11. New Guy Here

    Really nice to hear about fellow fishermen doing his part! Kudos to you for the trash removal. People seem to leave it everywhere! As far as the fishery goes, i try to do my part with catch and release, and educate those around you to why it is necessary to insure a future for the fishery. Those that will listen that is. Keep at it, and welcome!
  12. What are all you guys doing .

    I do a trip or two every year to the cape cod canal. This year is very active, in times when it's usually slow. But sad when everyone keeps the "trophy" fish for their table. I must've seen thirty to forty dead fish being hauled off. None of them small, most of them would be considered breeding females. I believe education of the fishery and a change of mental attitude is in order.
  13. Fall tactics

  14. Good bassin' nights.

    This is too funny
  15. Careful wading folks!

    Eric was riding a unicorn?