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  1. John.Starks

    13th Annual Freeze Up Huge success!

    How do you get involved in this event? Is that Kennebunk?
  2. I've been ice fishing for the past three years and this is the first year I've caught anything. The curse has been lifted. I started using worms this year as they're easier to rig up and I don't have to get my hands wet like with shiners. I guess Saco Bay Tackle is closed on Sundays. There anywhere else in the area to buys worms and crawlers? The ice even safe to go out on today?
  3. ive been taking my deer to some of the local butcher shops and haven't really been all that impressed. I know they're dealing with a very high volume of deer coming in so quality is going to be sacrificed. Also, they waste some of the things like bones that would be great for soups. It'd be nice to learn how to butcher a deer - or any large animal for that matter - but there's just not enough time in the day. i live in Southern Maine but I'd be willing to travel anywhere between say here and Boothbay Harbor for a decent private butcher. I want someone who does a small volume. One where I know the meat I'm getting is actually mine. Also, one that will take the time to make luncheon meat. And most importantly, someone who will maximize the use of the animal. Any suggestions would be appreciate. Happy thanksgiving weekend to all.
  4. John.Starks

    Parking On Public Roads

    That is true. I'm not familiar with the geography of county x (it's in Maine and extremely rural) for instance, but whenever I visit it's really just a matter of finding the stream on the map. You'll find an access point somewhere. Southern Maine can be difficult. I can't wait to move.
  5. John.Starks

    Parking On Public Roads

    No, I agree in respect to folks being accomodating on lands that are clearly posted. I'm more talking about more remote areas where the actual owner (if any) couldn't be clearly established unless you contacted the town and gave them grid coordinates. Just for instance, say we're talking Route 1 anywhere East of Belfast, shoot, anywhere East of Bath for that matter. Some of that stretch is pretty rural. Would you feel comfortable parking on the side of that public road and walking to location X?
  6. John.Starks

    Parking On Public Roads

    It seems the greatest barrier in finding more secluded locations - for myself at least - is finding a place to park. I have heaps of topographical maps at my home and in the past few months have found a few good areas, but that's only because they are within a few miles of a place I feel safe parking. Sometimes I'll park and then use a mountain bike to get further into the woods if the distance is really long. Just curious how others felt about this. Its kind of funny that I'm more worried about the local law enforcement doing something with my car than I am worried about anyone else. Seems a few of the roads I parked on the side of last year and hiked into wherever - yeah, there's a NO PARKING sign up every 5 feet in those same places. Its pretty sweet. Personally, I don't feel comfortable being far from home and risking having a vehicle towed. Just wondering if this fear was irrational and what others experiences have been.
  7. John.Starks


    Thank you for this beautiful post. Out of curiosity - what aspect of the alewife runs have you researched?
  8. John.Starks

    Lost Gear?

    Well, whoever left it behind is probably on their way back to Long Island right now. So, it was a successful weekend for me in terms of new equipment The wind and rain made for unprodutive fishing though. Hope someone else had some success this weekend!
  9. John.Starks

    Naming Rivers/ Hot Spotting

    The first paragraph struck a chord with me. I really do feel my heart start to race when looking at topographical maps and thinking of a new spot in the woods to explore! This may be a dying part of the sport as more emphasis is placed on simply landing huge numbers of fish. The actual interaction with nature and an entire ecosystem is what's being lost. I'm definitely not of the opinion that more buyers and public interest are good for anything. It could be food, the NFL, fishing, whatever - the more the general public takes an interest the crappier the original product becomes. Like, name me a genre of music that IMPROVED as more people took an interest in it? For my part, that's why I think it might actually be productive to spot burn well-known stocked spots near urban areas. It gives the majority the instant gratification they want and prevents them from trashing the more remote and native areas. Honestly it's stocking alone that keeps 99% of people interested. Almost nobody is willing to go deep into the woods without a wheeler or snowmobile anymore. Those that are typically are the types that'll have a high degree of respect for the woods - not just because there's fish there but for its own sake.
  10. John.Starks

    Lost Gear?

    Good afternoon everyone. Was at the river yesterday and saw a nice ll bean net and about two dozen assorted flies. Unless you tied them yourself I'd guess there was probably $100 worth of flies in that box. Was wondering if anyone here lost these things. If you PM me the location you left these things in I would be happy to mail them to you. Have a great weekend everyone
  11. John.Starks

    Naming Rivers/ Hot Spotting

    Some folks on here have really made my day by giving me spot suggestions in private pms. I've had a wonderful time at those places as did my guests. I really don't see the issue as long as everyone is respectful of the area and treats the fish population with respect. Keep in mind that these are STOCKED fish in the overwhelming majority of areas so it's not like new anglers are encroaching on something native and remote. We already destroyed the natural world a long time ago so there's plenty of blame to go around.
  12. John.Starks


    I mean, how prolific were any kind of motor sports 50 years ago though? It's like saying you could decrease emissions by setting a price ceiling on horses. Nobody is riding a horse anymore - I don't care how much your motor vehicle gets taxed. I'm just saying motor sports, and the folks who need to ride them everywhere and destroy the wilderness - government didn't invent two and four stroke motors. A heavy handed approach (all stick and no carrot) is the only thing that'll change everything and it's going to have to be government. The environmental and conservation groups have been overrun with too many half-hearted hippies to take the ruthless steps that need to be taken and completely ban all motor sports in our parks and shut down the doors of the manufacturers for good.
  13. John.Starks


    I'm kind of the opposite opinion. I want more government. I want the government to step in and break the backs of folks with big motors and big toys. Extreme Right or Extreme Left - I think either will get the job done, albeit for different reasons. Government is there to make people better.
  14. John.Starks

    Are the waters open?

    There's like 4 streams I'm gonna tackle as soon as the time is right. I'm calling outta work on April 1st - and not for the usual reason.
  15. John.Starks