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  1. brosa1450

    Leader to fly knots

    That image makes it look way more complicated than it is haha. Correct me if im wrong but it’s a non-slip mono loop with passing the tag end back through an extra time? Ive always just used the Non-Slip mono for streamers, hasn’t failed me yet...not a worrysome number of times anyway.
  2. brosa1450

    Fly shop?

    Absolutely about trident. I went in there two years ago and was kind of put off by how messy and unorganized it was. I guess I had the feeling of “if I was lucky enough to own a fly shop it wouldn’t look like this.” I understand they do a lot of online sales.......but......that’s probably because being inside isn’t all that comforting haha.
  3. brosa1450

    Nice fish

    Wow, Awesome man!! I think ive figures it out, James is catching the fish that is eating the rest of the schoolies That’s crazy man congrats!
  4. brosa1450

    Sunny day clear water

    Hmmm, interesting...Black clouser huh Adam, Nice fish man.
  5. brosa1450

    Brit Herring are here.

    Was out today in same area I believe. Same thing. Sh*t ton of birds working and brits plastered along the shoreline everywhere. Wind forced me to ditch the boat and I went back out on foot...saw one dink swimming around. ONE. Still not “the migration” that we’re seeing. Maybe a few early arrivals but certainly no big push of migrating fish yet. Saw probably 6 boats and the 4 I talked to said they hadn’t caught jack. Nobody on shore did either as far as I saw. I should have waited another month to quit my job, this is killin me
  6. brosa1450

    Ever fish dropper flies for stripers?

    I personally haven’t although I was actually planning on trying it today. A guy I was talking to said that he does it almost all the time when there is small bait, claims of many doubles. Once a 28” and 18” double. Makes sense to me seein as how often there is a following fish when pulling one in! ill let you know how it goes today...just gotta find fish first
  7. Should be clear now. Didn’t realize my messages were full.
  8. brosa1450


    I believe you now.
  9. That’s what I use for my 8wt BVK. Either that or the SA Sonar Sink 30 Cold which is also a 30ft integrated shooting head with int running line. Youll be right around the corner from me, I live in saco. Feel free to message me and maybe we can link up. I actually am off work as well, so I’ll be fishing daily locally too. The damn stripers should be here by then for sure!
  10. brosa1450


  11. brosa1450

    First fish in Maine’s saltwater..

  12. brosa1450


    I’m so bitter right now haha. It doesn’t help that I’m not working currently. Kinda did so on purpose at this time to put my efforts towards fishing for a month. Still have plenty of time off but I’m dying to get out there!!
  13. brosa1450


    This just in. The striped bass have decided they’re not coming to Maine this summer. Sorry fellas, I talked to one with sea lice so I trust it.
  14. ...I’ve done it!! I caught a fish after 6 hours of searching..... When you’re chances of hooking a piece of bait in the skull are better than catching a striper it’s probably a sign that they’re not quite here yet I believe it to be a juvenile herring....not up to par on my saltwater baitfish knowledge..
  15. brosa1450

    Taking the boat

    I do not, went once last year out of Yarmouth and didn’t catch much, however that was in August. I’ll PM you maybe it’ll worth that way