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  1. Ninety-nine................

    Hey Mal, I found Adam. ^
  2. Six weight for micros.

    I think you need to stop being so damn stubborn and come out Stillwater fishin for some trout for a change always room on my boat Mal you know this... ive thought about using a 6wt but I enjoy my 8 early season for that extra muscle when that coastal wind kicks up.
  3. Original flies..

    Someone on here had mentioned veering away from clousers and deceivers a few days ago and it got me thinking. I have a habit of switching out flies when I’m hammering fish. During good days when I’ve caught a good amount of fish; I’ll will switch flies after catching a bunch on a particular pattern.. does anyone else do this? It seems as though once I’ve “figured the group out” I want to switch it up and see if I can’t figure it out with another technique. (Yes, I’ve even drifted crabs/scuds under indicators...ha) My logic is merely to learn more and challenge myself. To see if it’s the fly, the retrieve, or simply just that the fish are feeding heavily. To see if I can fool a fish that is keyed in on juvenile herring with a mackerel or shad sized baitfish pattern. Maybe even fool a bigger one of the bunch. Am I crazy or Do any of you find yourselves doing the same? If so, what’s your personal endeavor in doing so?
  4. Crabbin' 101

    Ditto to what everyone has said! it’s safe to say that unless fish are busting on bait, I’ll have a crab pattern on once mid June hits. Adam (flyguy) gave me a crab fly to test out after going a whole season without trying them. To put it simply; I went home and tied up about 10 of them that night. They work excellent for bigger fish too. Although Mal seems to get the frustrated/angry phone call when the damn micros won’t leave it alone!
  5. what is the best fishing joke you have played on someone?

    LaBonte, mine is similar. I took a friend new to fly fishing to a spot for salmon where you can literally watch your fly get eaten. He was having a grand ol time and got two hits right off the bat. He asked what was going on...and his fly was all tangled in his tippet. As he was new I just had him swing the fly over to me and while untangling realized the hook was broken clean off. I started dying laughing and when asked what about I made up some (probably terrible reason). He proceeded to “lose” that same fish about 10 times over he next 45 minutes before I said...”that’s weird, check your fly...” I sat waiting anticipating his reaction... ....he looked at it and goes “it’s not tangled” throws it back and starts fishing again. I didnt have the heart to let him keep fishing without a hook....he wasn’t impressed. I laughed....he didn’t.
  6. Did anyone catch that at 6:55 looks like someone hooks a seagull right hand and side of screen. Has happened to be fishing top water in a lake and not paying attention
  7. Night Tactics for The Big Gals

    I’m with you, always say I’m going to do it but never commit. This year I hope things will be different as I live about 6 minutes from one of my favorite spots now. Last year meant a 45 minute drive home afterwards. As Mal said, Large black deceivers is what everyone seems to say. I was told one; cast across current and let it swing. Strip it in as you swing it...BUT..do so in a painfully slow manner. Just enough to speed up and slow it down ever so slightly. That being said; I went once last year from 9:45-11:30 and caught one fish... a mere 22”
  8. TFO BVK 12 wt.

    Wow, that’s a steal for a BVK... now I have to convince myself why I need a 12wt...
  9. anyone fishing?

    I went fishing around 2oclock Friday. Drove over there expecting to find small sections fishable and expecting to have to punch my boot through ice at the edges to even get in. To my surprise, WIDE OPEN. Everything. Even the shallow slow pools. I was shocked. I was in on the same spot about a month ago and had probably close to the best fishing day in a river all year. Guy across the river from me was also hammering brookies. We were laughing as it was so out of the ordinary to find trout feeding that aggressively in late December. I arrived and was excited to see it wide open. Fished the same spots...NADA! Not surprised though as in this river mid January seems to be the time that the fish take the bus to Florida for the winter...every year! Nonetheless it it was great to be out without frozen guides and fingers. The feet were damn cold though!
  10. Fly fishing ink

  11. Fly fishing ink

    Easy with the bait fisherman threats Mal, my ego can only handle so much. Dont make me drag you out trout fishing before the stripers show up and give you an entemology lesson
  12. Freeze Up

    Maybe we make it a burn up and have it in August?
  13. Fly fishing ink

    Do it sears!! Adult May flies are pretty badass.. January 26th I will be getting my forearm done. Forest/River scene. I am a big fan of the realism style so I’m excited about it. I may take a break after that for a while.... we’ll see...