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  1. brosa1450


    That’s why I posted in the salt section fellas I meant “off” as in stripers. Of course I’m still fishing!
  2. brosa1450


    ....how’s everyone surviving the off season?
  3. brosa1450

    Striped bass stock accesement

    How do we stop the slaughtering of cows down south each spring? Why it is legal to catch and keep a 40lb spawning striper is absolutely insane to me.
  4. brosa1450

    Rainbows & Dragons

    That’s cool that you can keep track of different fish in the pond based on old battle wounds etc. Never thought of that as being an advantage to having your own stocked pond! Good stuff man! Some nice looking bows
  5. brosa1450

    Fly rod building

    Thanks for the replies! Im also curious; have any of you used single foot guides for saltwater fly rods? Something about the snake guides I’m not the biggest fan of. I know I’ve seen fly rods with single foot guides but not sure if they’re smart to use on a saltwater setup. Not sure why, but something tells me there is a reason most fly rods don’t have single foots....
  6. brosa1450

    Fly rod building

    Hey all, Recently purchased some things needed to begin the rod building and also bought a $50 spin building kit (so if i mess up its on a spinning rod, not a fly rod ). I was wondering what websites you all use. At this time I am not necessarily looking to "build a sage" or a TFO. Simply looking for an affordable (one that doesnt cost as much as an already build fly rod) website or company to find some good fast action blanks. Any ideas? I order my supplies off MudHole, but was wondering what other websites are out there. Thanks
  7. brosa1450


    This fish ate a 5” Long articulated black leech...in January. I typically throw larger streamers if there are browns. However, Brookies I go with good ole buggers and such, although I have caught them on bigger flies. only picture I have is from years ago, but it’s a fly I use often...about 3.5-4” Ironically though, for salmon I never use anything bigger than size 4 hooks.
  8. brosa1450


    Was clicking around on Vimeo and came across a video that demonstrated "Bondic." It is basically a tube with UV cure resin with a small UV light attached to the other end....and its not that expensive. I am wondering if anyone has tried it, as (obviously, like all the others...) it is marketed as tack free. They are all "tack free" yet the only one I've ever found to be nearly 100% tack free is Solarez. Any one tried it and can testify?
  9. brosa1450


    No one?
  10. brosa1450


    Yessir. Nothing big today but they’re there. Handful of fish 16-22” fast two hand stripping macky patterns on intermediate line right to rocks.
  11. brosa1450


    Found a box while in my boat at pine point/ferry. Send me a message wth description and I’ll meet up with you to return.
  12. brosa1450


    Walmart $5 polarized in the fishing section. I agree with most, if I don’t have polarized I can’t fish. I can’t justify spending a ton of money on sunglasses, as I either sit on them or scratch them to death. Genuinely curious on this question....I always viewed polarization as either polarized or not polarized. Is there actually a “better polarized”? Aside from obviously the lense tint/color that may help, the glasses will either cut through glare or not. Or am I misinformed?
  13. brosa1450

    Leader to fly knots

    That image makes it look way more complicated than it is haha. Correct me if im wrong but it’s a non-slip mono loop with passing the tag end back through an extra time? Ive always just used the Non-Slip mono for streamers, hasn’t failed me yet...not a worrysome number of times anyway.
  14. brosa1450

    Fly shop?

    Absolutely about trident. I went in there two years ago and was kind of put off by how messy and unorganized it was. I guess I had the feeling of “if I was lucky enough to own a fly shop it wouldn’t look like this.” I understand they do a lot of online sales.......but......that’s probably because being inside isn’t all that comforting haha.
  15. brosa1450

    Nice fish

    Wow, Awesome man!! I think ive figures it out, James is catching the fish that is eating the rest of the schoolies That’s crazy man congrats!