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  1. Sutehoot

    Broken Scott 9wt Fly Rod

    Redington or Echo. I feel like Echo might be a little closer to typical Scott action...
  2. Sutehoot

    Bigger Fish

    Fished a spot in Casco Bay last night on either side of the flood tide. Only got three fish, but one of them was this, my biggest to date: The other two were maybe 3 or 4 inches shorter and fat. Big change from last week at the same spot when the biggest I got was maybe 20". All came on the miraculous black clouser.
  3. Sutehoot

    Rod sections won't fit

    Having worked in fly shops for about 10 years now, I have seen rods that have that much space. Some of the older orvis rods, such as the old power matrix, had that much spacing, for example. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but if the road casts okay and you get enough of the male ferrule in to prevent potential breakage, I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Sutehoot


    Pretty sure that's a rock bass.
  5. Sutehoot

    Off the chain !

    Fished the last 4 or so hours of the outgoing tonight and caught a ton of fish, all on black clousers. Nothing huge, biggest was maybe 22", but had a blast. Caught fish dragging on the flats, swinging in the marsh, and casting at a big blitz of fish and birds. The amount of bait, birds, and fish was incredible. Definitely get out now if you can!!!
  6. Sutehoot

    Off the chain !

    Sweet. I'll be heading out tonight if anyone would like to join and give some tips. I got on the board last week but still kind of feel like I'm shooting blind a lot...
  7. Sutehoot

    Massive Fish Cop check at Telos Bridge this year

  8. Sutehoot

    Newbie Day 2018 report.

    Was a lot of fun, great to meet everyone, and thanks to Mal for organizing. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there this year.
  9. Sutehoot

    Bug I.D.

    Flyfishfood has lots of great stillwater Baetis, both dry and wet. Come to think of it they have lots of great patterns, period.
  10. Sutehoot

    When to keep or kill a fish?

    It's completely dependent on the water as well. I'm sure a bio could speak more in depth, but in waters that have enough food and habitat to support lots of fish, harvest can help the average size go up. In some waters, the food supply is lower or something about the habitat limits the survival of a large population of fish, so harvest simply takes fish before they get a chance to grow larger, or thins the population too much. The fact that we've introduced so many fish species to waters where they didn't originally exist further complicates matters. In addition, stocked fisheries vs. wild fisheries further complicates the matter. In nature, you have fisheries that display all kinds of different populations and growth rates. This diversity in populations is one way species survive, so even if it's not as fun to catch more smaller fish or fewer larger fish, there can be value in having those fisheries. I for one like seeing these different types of fisheries, I think it's interesting and amazing how different things can be in seemingly similar waters with the same species, so I don't tend to keep wild, native fish unless I know I'm likely to be one of only a handful of people to fish a place in a given year, and I've only done that a handful of times. As for non-native species, like the salmon in the Rangeley area, I agree with RRobert-have at em...
  11. Sutehoot

    Date for Newbie Day.

    Really gonna try to make it this year, that earlier date definitely works better for me.
  12. Sutehoot

    Slaughter on the spawning bass beginning.

    Upperandy, the recreational harvest dwarfs the commercial harvest when it comes to stripers, in pounds of fish: http://www.asmfc.org/species/atlantic-striped-bass 18.2 million pounds by recreational anglers in 2015 vs. 4.8 in commercial landings. When you factor in C&R mortality, it widens the gap even further. If you've ever seen the slaughter on Jersey jetties during the bunker run first-hand this isn't hard to believe. Even if you factor in by-catch, there's no way commercial fishing accounts for more dead stripers than us. The gap in terms of numbers of fish is closer now than it was when the stock was strong in the mid 2000's, but we really need to stop solely blaming the commercial guys for stuff (the same thing happens amongst the atlantic salmon crowd). I don't know what the solution is (I like slot limits and closing spawning season), but sportsmen/women are the ones who need to look in the mirror and take the responsibility here.
  13. Orvis discontinued Wonderline several years ago, so that may be the problem-even if you bought them new, they'd still have to be at least a few years old. I've had good luck with the new Hydros lines so far, although they do have a bit more memory than I like. I've heard of others having problems with the wading boots, too.
  14. Sutehoot

    Swingin' stones

    Yeah, I'm trying to design something that I can dead drift through a lie but that will also trigger some strikes on the swing at the end of the drift ('cause it's just so much more fun to hook a fish that way...). Something with a lot of weight to get down fast, and swing close to the stream bottom. Steve Byrd is the man, some really great fly design on there, been checking out that sight for a while now. He definitely makes the upper Columbia seem like Mecca for trout spey...
  15. Sutehoot

    Swingin' stones

    Trying to come up with some stonefly imitations that I can fish while still feeding my new spey addiction during the time in June when fish really seem to key in on them. First one is from Allen McGhee's great new book, for probing really deep holes. Hard to see in the picture, but there's a bead behind the hackle to help it flare out. Anyone who likes fishing soft hackles should really pick up the book, it's full of interesting tying techniques and new ways of looking at soft hackles. The next is tied more for swimming, with the rubber legs and antennae (a la Pat's Stone) that seem to trigger so many strikes during stone season: Anyone else know of good stonefly imitations that could also be swung?