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  1. jeepfisher

    After losing a big one ........

    happens to everyone. last month I was fishing a brownie pond and hooked up with a nice one. It jumped which is odd for a brown. I saw the fish and it was large. my buddy was in his canoe and it happened to jump about 20 feet from him. I estimated 24” he said he saw a bigger fish than that. I lost that him a few seconds later, but what are you gunna do
  2. jeepfisher

    Border pond rules

    So I know you can fish an interstate waterway with either license. but is there a rule about where you access it? Having a Maine license, Can I launch a canoe from the New Hampshire side and fish it legally? I have read the law book, and don’t see anything that says I can’t, but I just wanted to see what you guys think
  3. jeepfisher

    Water at 85°!

    Can’t be right. It’s possible the thermometer wasn’t submerged fully, in the sun, or in a pocket of stagnant water or broken.
  4. jeepfisher

    Rls2 5-6 weight with full sink

    I have a cabelas rls2 that I use for my 5 and 6 weight. It has full sink line on it. I don’t use it much and would be willing to part with it. Just testing the waters. Let me know if you might be interested.
  5. off topic from helping you with your rod tip, but I have a 10’ 6 weight silverghost. I love the rod for being what is. I first bought fly rods at beans because of the policy. After breaking 2 sage approaches, 1 fighting a salmon, another casting, both breaking in the same spot, I decided to go a different route. So I had the credit from the second breakage, so I had to get another beans rod. Credit was 265$, silver ghost was 330$, but they made it an even swap.... good deal for a rod I like 100x more than my approach. Long story short if and when I break/upgrade I won’t be buying from them because $300+ that might be gone in 13 months I just can’t justify...
  6. jeepfisher


    I hit A spot for a few minutes few weeks ago. Was pretty slow compared to usual for me to. caught 1 fish in the hour I spent there. I just figured it has become a more popular spot...
  7. jeepfisher


    ice is officially out on all headwater lake and ponds in Maine. There may be a few small ponds in the northwest with ice but it seems everything is a go now! be careful, flows are high and cold north of Bangor!
  8. jeepfisher

    "Nothing but chubs"

    If it’s a well known and/or put an take, especially near a major road I might even go as far to help somebody else catch a fish. If it’s a back woods, quiet spot, especially with wild fish, for one, I usually wouldn’t get caught fishing there, 2, other people would be out there unless they saw me, and 3, I wouldn’t readily tell any1 about it. but, if somebody did see me or find out about it, I wouldn’t even tell them chubs.!i would do anything to deter them from going, then telling their friends, who come with beer cans and don’t leave with them
  9. jeepfisher

    When to keep or kill a fish?

    they’re all small, cuzz they are conpeteinh with each other. So by releasing larger, breeding ready fish with good genes to ensure good reproduction continues, but keep a bunch of the stunted 8-12” salmon, the population will drop allowing less competition for food and space. Therefore the average size will become larger over time. My personal opinion on chesuncook lies with the yellow perch. I’ve been catching boat loads more yellow perch than ever before. and the salmon and white perch are suffering from that by means of smelt competition. I haven’t done any personal studies or anything, but just based on experiences and knowledge, it seems as though the salmon, who are clearly getting out competed for food, should have plenty of lake there to not out compete themselves alone.
  10. jeepfisher

    Deboullie area

  11. jeepfisher

    Deboullie area

    I’m looking to camp and fish on multiple ponds in this region. I have been to Deboullie, but I would like to try togue pond. my delorme shows 3 campsites along the road to the north of togue pond. Does anybody know if these are on the water or just off the road? I’m not a fan of drive to campsites. I like being as far into the woods as possible. Thanks
  12. jeepfisher


    I noticed most places around oxford are out minus some of the Rangeley region which should be this week
  13. jeepfisher


    I think it’s all about sales when it comes to companies like that. And they know that people like me don’t care if a company contributes to the nra or not. I like my guns, yet if I need a yeti cooler, I’ll buy one regardless, as long as they don’t get to political and stay neutral. But other people on the other side of things are generally the kind of person that feel so strongly about gun control that they will make a note not to buy anything from any companies that back the nra. I feel like this is the main Reason for this.
  14. jeepfisher

    The Best Bass Flies

    I like popper fly’s for Stillwater bass fishing. I chase trout and salmon most of there year, but nobody can deny a 5 pound largemouth smashing a top water fly in July is fun. I had some good luck with a mouse too.
  15. jeepfisher

    Life time license

    yea i think I will try to get the hunt/fish too. if only I had a lifetime hunt/fish. It’d be paid for in just over 3 years.