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  1. SALT3R

    Cabela's Lsi Rods

    Sold, thanks for looking.
  2. SALT3R

    Cabela's Lsi Rods

    Willing to split these up, $100 each.
  3. SALT3R

    Share your flatwings

    Those look great!
  4. SALT3R

    St Croix Imperial 8/9 wt

    Selling an older St Croix Imperial 9' 8/9wt 2 piece made in the USA. There's a few cosmetic issues but nothing serious - asking $50 with rod sock and tube.
  5. SALT3R

    Cabela's Lsi Rods

    I have a Cabela's Lsi 9' 9wt and a 9'9" 8 wt that I'm looking to sell. They are in great shape - bought last summer and only used 4-5 times each. Both are 4 piece and come with the original rod sock and tube. A $300 value new, selling as a pair for $200.
  6. SALT3R

    Welded Loop Trouble

    Looks like a bunch of good options here - thanks!
  7. SALT3R

    Welded Loop Trouble

    I've been having trouble with the welded loops on my saltwater fly lines. The outer coating cracks after a couple months exposing the core. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else and if there's one brand that stands out as being more durable.
  8. SALT3R

    My 2017

    Nice job - looks like a solid season. I think we crossed paths early on shad fishing.
  9. SALT3R


    I'm pretty sure I saw some last night a little south of there... those micro bass disappeared real fast about the same time.
  10. SALT3R

    Black patterns

    I really like the one on the bottom left - is that a seaducer?
  11. SALT3R


    I got buzzed a few times while ice fishing last weekend. Apparently one of the camp owners got bored, I wasn't too impressed. Sounds like I need to take Mal with me next time .
  12. SALT3R


    Wow, nice job!
  13. SALT3R

    Two Handers

    I had considered it for a while too but decided not to... for now if I really want to use a "two hander" I'll go grab my surf rod!
  14. SALT3R

    Species on a fly

    For Maine, I'd really like to get a bluefish on a fly...
  15. SALT3R

    New First on the Fly

    That's pretty cool, I'd love to catch a flounder on a fly.