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  1. cjg

    Trout-less greenhorn

    You're probably not catching smelts in a stream fly fishing if you're thinking the water is to warm for trout. Smelt would have an adipose fin between the tail and the dorsal fin, like a trout or a white fish. Any fish you can catch is good practice, work on your casting, try to make good casts, not necessarily long casts. Dry fly fishing is fun, but may not always be the best way. Try some other techniques, get yourself some wooly buggers. Try getting on the stream early, before the sun hits it or late after it's off.
  2. cjg

    Float tubes

    I was fishing a small pond about dusk one time and I hooked onto a nice bass, 4lbs or so, by the time I got him unhooked he had poked a hole in the front of my tube. I didn't notice it until I leaned forward and could hear bubbles. I hot finned it back to the launch and made it but it was getting lower all the time. If I would have been on the other side of the pond that night it might have got dicey. My tube has 2 backup bladders in the backrest that I think would keep me afloat. As far as the dangers of float tubing a horn or having to wear florescent orange would keep you safer than a life jacket, as I see it the biggest danger in a float tube is from boaters not paying attention, on water that allows power boats. I'll never forget the time fishing a southern Maine POND, casting to shore like you do when fishing from the water and some A$$clown pulled a skier between me and shore. Obviously from away, I'm sure you can guess where. As far as flipping over in a float tube, I doubt it. Life jackets are always a good idea, like helmets on motorcycles, seatbelts, not smoking with your kids in the car etc etc but like everything else, no one likes "The Man" coming down on them and telling them what to do. In the world of lawsuits and insurance everyone has to be managed by what could happen to the "weak links" I'm sure as soon as someone does drown in a float tube the knee jerk reaction will be to require life jackets.
  3. If someone is catching fish and you're not it's probably not luck. Just sayin.
  4. cjg

    Blaze Orange

    Sad but true. As a hunter it's almost an insult to me to think that a non hunter feels they need to wear orange to walk down the road (or fish) during hunting season, but I understand, lots of different people out there. I've never seen a person that looked enough like a deer or bird that I would shoot them. Better safe than sorry.
  5. cjg

    Little concord pond

    I used to carry the old Grumman in from the road the fishing was so good. That was back when the camp was there just to the right of the launch. Caught a huge pickerel there on day, thought I had a monster trout. Haven't been in there since the 80s. Probably like everywhere, people driving right in and it's all fished out?
  6. cjg

    Deer Pond in Limington

    Nope, not private. Put and take stocker brookies usually stocked in the fall for the ice drinkers. Public launch off 117 parking on the side of the road. Good luck with rainbows, if you're in that area looking for rainbows fish little o, the state puts a ton in there every spring. Just gotta dodge the skiers and tubers.
  7. cjg

    fishing with bobbers

    I think you're wrong. The only thing I could find was "An artificial lures only rule prohibits the use of any live, dead or chemically preserved natural or organic bait or food" You can get scent that is Liquorice flavored, does that make it ok because it doesn't smell like fish? I rub nymphs in the streamside mud all the time to get them to sink faster and get a natural smell to them. Am I breaking the law? Rubber worms are scented, does that make them "bait"? Probably not. "Fly (Artificial Fly): A single-pointed hook dressed with feathers, hair, thread, tinsel, or any similar material to which no additional hook, spinner, spoon or similar device is added." Doesn't say anything about scent. Some of my feathers smell like moth balls, does that make them bait? I hope not.
  8. cjg

    fishing with bobbers

    Where do you see it in the law book that you can't use scent on a fly? I'm not sure that scent make a fly bait.
  9. cjg

    Parking On Public Roads

    I've come back to the vehicle and had an orange tag wired to the door handle from the state police. So I don't think towing is the first step unless you're parked some place unsafe. Also have had them call my home phone when I was out turkey hunting, parked on the side of the road and asked my wife about it. Saw some flashing blues near my truck one night while coyote hunting, I assume they were running my plates, they were gone by the time I got done hunting. But I know the feeling. One of my fears is someone locking a gate on you when you are in behind it. My big pet peeve is when people block an access road to park, like the entrance to a field or something like that.
  10. cjg

    Materials from hunting

    Take the bone out of the tails and they will drybetter and last longer. Borax is plenty for drying preserving the hide and it keeps bugs away. No need for tanning.
  11. Any waves on the surface are going to let more light into the water, flat calm water reflects more light. That said I've had good luck on windy days when it's blowing bugs into the water. A few years back with the Gypsy moth invasion in southern Maine on a windy day the rainbows were right up on shore nailing the moths that got blown out of the water side bushes right in the middle of the day. One of the best fishing days I've had on that pond.
  12. cjg

    Johnsons allagash lodge

    I've been fishing and hunting that area since the 70s. I used to remote camp near there deer hunting and Bob doesn't like anyone in "his" area not staying at his camps. A bit of a douche if you ask me but I wasn't staying at his camp. Had more than one encounter and he was definately less than friendly. I know the people with private camps on Wadliegh and St Francis and they have had similar expieriences. Actually told my uncle not to tell anyone how good the fishing was on Narrow pond at the time (they took out the beaver dam on the outlet and it hasn't been as good since) Loon Lodge not far away always treated me nice though.
  13. Why would a 7mm Mag have a heavier barrel than a 30-06 or 308? Not that it couldn't have, just trying to figure out your reasoning. My 22-250 has a heavier barrel than my 338 Win Mag. Just sayin.
  14. cjg

    how do you change attitudes??

    Chances are that the older guys that poach and litter produce kids that do the same. Just sayin.
  15. cjg

    Something weird...

    Most of the brookies I caught earlier in the week after they stocked were 10" to 11" with the typical mutated fins. I did catch a couple with nice looking fins, looked like wild fish, but I'm not sure. I have caught what I thought were wild fish in this river because they were only 3" to 4" long. Who knows what the state does. They save all the best fish for the Aquarium on rt 35 in Windham anyway.