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  1. OmarLittle

    Pike in Fall

    i know Pike move into shallow water for spawning just before and after ice out. Anyone know what their activity is like in late fall? Would like to target them in the Belgrade area and looking for any pointers or advice
  2. OmarLittle


    Also new to pike on the fly. Any advice for wadding the Andro in the Tuner to Brunswick area?
  3. OmarLittle

    Year round river

    Getting the itch. Thinking about trying a year round river in western Maine tomorrow. Anyone been out that way yet? I know the water is cold and difficult to navigate right now but still might give it a shot.
  4. OmarLittle

    Beaches tomorrow

    How will the storm impact low tide? The low tide is late tomorrow morning and I would typically fish off sand bars that are only accessible at low tide (in the Scarborough area). Is this still safe to do with the storm coming?
  5. OmarLittle

    "Crab Moon"

    This is my first year getting into the salt water. Any general advice for fishing a crab pattern? Type of water, tides, how slowly to strip it in, etc?
  6. OmarLittle

    Rangeley or Millinoket

    I have a surprise opportunity this weekend to get out of southern Maine for the night Sat/Sunday. Planning to either head up to the Rangeley or Millinoket area. Curious if anyone has suggestions on which area is my best bet right now. I cant imagine I'd be "burning" either of these river by saying their names, but I'll respect the rules and just say that I'd be fishing the obvious river(s) in each area.
  7. OmarLittle

    Rangeley vs Millinoket

    Which area do you think has the best September fishing? Rangeley or Millinoket?
  8. OmarLittle

    Guide Recommendations

    I just started fly fishing last spring and have mostly explored the smaller southern Maine streams. I've taken casting instructions and done plenty of reading/research but lack any real experience. I'd like to get up to Rangeley or Millinocket this spring and am looking for a half or full day guide. I checked out all the commercial guide sites and would like to avoid going that route if possible. I'm looking to do wading only, no provided lunch or extra frills. Any recommendations are appreciated.