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  1. Weekdayflier

    Five ponds trail BSP

    my wife and i had a great trip. hiked into a pond that seemed rarely frequented up there with a key to a canoe and had a blast. fish were rising and we both caught some nice fish(me with my fly rod, her with her spin). all the streams i went to had fish too, wish i could get up there more frequently, but the four hour drive is hard to do.
  2. Weekdayflier

    Five ponds trail BSP

    Anyone know if there are any canoes or rowboats stashed away on any of these ponds in BSP? I'm heading there in early September, staying at the Trout Brook site, and would also like to check out that trail. Flynoob, you ever canoe Matagamon? We usually do at least one day trip around the lake
  3. Weekdayflier

    Winooski River, Burlington

    the only fish I saw was a rainbow that a spincaster had caught when I was scouting a bridge. That trib you had mentioned looked really good, but maybe it just needs to warm up, hopefully I can make it up again
  4. Weekdayflier

    Winooski River, Burlington

    Thanks everyone, since I'm there for a wedding, I really only have one morning to work with, so advice is appreciated. Hoping to make it back sometime later this summer
  5. Weekdayflier

    Winooski River, Burlington

    Anyone know anything about urban fishing the Winooski in Burlington? I'm headed there this weekend for a wedding...might as well check it out... i was just reading about Salmon Falls, but it looks like most of it is shut down for walleye spawning
  6. Weekdayflier

    Art show you may actually like

    I don't think he has a website, but you could send him an email. mike@lewisacrylics.com I had him do a Hendrickson this summer for me and it turned out awesome.
  7. Weekdayflier

    The quiz is back

    Luckiest 80% I ever got!
  8. Weekdayflier

    Art show you may actually like

    Thought you all may enjoy this: one of my friends, Mike Lewis, spent a year doing a different watercolor a day of flies. The flies he did were usually found on the water like mayflies and caddis. He took a handful of his best and has them hanging at The Rock and Art Shop in Bangor in the back gallery. If you're in the area, it'll be up til April 2nd. Heres an example of what the look like:
  9. Weekdayflier

    Smartphone resources

    That's a great resource, thanks for compiling those! probably the most used app on my phone is Aquamaps Maine. It was $5, but I think probably the best $5 i ever spent. It has the depths of every lake/pond in the state, and labels all the bodies of water and rivers pretty well. Has a gps feature that will tell you right where you are on a lake if you want the depth, but also allows you to download the maps if you're in a place with no service. It doesn't replace my gazetteer, but it's great to have when you're not in the car RiverApp and RiverData are a couple of apps that show levels of rivers around the state. Haven't had a chance to use them yet, but someone at a TU talk gave them high marks. Usually I try and keep my phone tucked away in a waterproof bag when I'm actually fishing, and do a pretty good job of forgetting it's there
  10. Weekdayflier

    Euro Nymphing Line

    If you're attaching your leader straight to your backing, is that technically fly fishing or centerpinning? For instance, would that kind of rig be allowed on a ffo river? I can't say I've seen anyone centerpin here in maine, but it seems very popular in western ny where I grew up
  11. Weekdayflier

    Fly boxes

    Just got a letter in the mail from TU today about end of the year donating, and one of the gifts is a Tacky fly box. Might as well kill two birds with one stone...
  12. Weekdayflier

    Vermont fishing?

    Looks like the rivers they fish are on the other side of the state, unfortunately I won't have that much time where I can drive a few hours away. Thanks for advice though, I'm heading to a few weddings up that way next year, maybe I can sneak away
  13. Weekdayflier

    Weirdest catch?

    In the the book Wildlife Wars by Terry Grosz, he tells stories about when he was a game warden in CA. One of them involves him swimming upstream in scuba gear to catch salmon snaggers. He ends up grabbing a lure and toying with them for a while until they say they might have to get out the shotgun to take of the monster fish! Its a pretty entertaining book, writing is so-so, but I'd recommend it.
  14. Weekdayflier

    Vermont fishing?

    Oh it's fine, I'm aware I'm asking for advice about a Vermont river on a Maine fly fishing site... I couldn't find one, but is there a similar forum for VT flyfishers like this wonderful one here? And yes, I've got a nice warm blaze orange hat that I'll be sporting, thanks for the heads up
  15. Weekdayflier

    Vermont fishing?

    I posted that above 20 minutes before I took off that morning, not too smart! I'm headed there again for turkey day, and hoping to sneak in a morning trip. Last time I fished the Ompompanoosuc, good looking water , but found no fish, which didn't really surprise me since I was basically fishing blind. There is a small section of the Ompy still open, but another option close by is the White River. Just curious if anyone has fished it and maybe point me in the right direction for a morning. Thanks a bunch