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  1. mesurfer2000

    Fund raiser for Mark Drummond

    I’ll be home for Christmas and my first stop will be in to the store to donate. Mark’s a great guy.
  2. mesurfer2000

    Don't know what is going on...

    I think orvis stopped supporting the app this month. They were paying a lot of money to keep it up to date when they have to put the same stuff on their mobile website.
  3. mesurfer2000

    Don't know what is going on...

    I think where ever you’re getting them from has stopped updating. Tom has released 5 podcasts since August, the latest one being 8 November. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-orvis-fly-fishing-guide-podcast/id278930814?mt=2&i=1000423489001
  4. mesurfer2000


    I would think a bunch of 6-9 foot sections of line with hooks and sinkers that could be set as trotlines would be the way to go. When I was going through survival school, I learned that having things like trotlines and snares that work for you while you do something else is the most efficient way to go. That way you’re gathering food while you’re building shelter, or staying clean, or working on your signal fire. You can always attach one to a cut stick and make it use a float to fish for entertainment. Boredom can be a deadly killer in a survival situation too.
  5. mesurfer2000


    That depends. The survival kits carried by military aircrews are tailored to the place they’re flying over. A size 16 hook may be useful for the boreal forest but won’t do you much good in a lift raft in the middle of the pacific. What’s the environment you’re curious about?
  6. mesurfer2000

    are you a small plane pilot

    I'm both a small plane and a large plane pilot. Both land and sea planes. What questions do you have?
  7. mesurfer2000

    GLS or the EO in October

    Hey guys, My younger brother (the only one of us not on the forums) asked me if he should fish to EO or GLS in October. He’s mostly a saltwater fly guy and only fishes for trout a few times a year. Since I have no experience with GLS and only very limited with the EO I was wondering if you might share some thoughts on his question. I’m open to PM’s too if you’d rather not post info in the open. Thanks in advance. Dan
  8. mesurfer2000

    Sturgeon jumps in boat on Bill Green

    Back in early July I had one breach in the Scarborough river while getting lunch there. It was probably 5 feet long. One of those could really do some damage.
  9. mesurfer2000

    Fly shop?

    There are a couple stil in southern Maine. Trident is still in Windham as far as I know.
  10. mesurfer2000

    Who wants a GWS on a fly?

    They fly fish for Makos out of San Diego that top 800 lbs.
  11. mesurfer2000

    Canoe Stabilization

    Hey guys, I just took my old town pack canoe out of storage and paddled for a couple hours on the Cahaba River here in Birmingham. I saw about a hundred longnose gar and some redeye bass. I’d like to fly fish from it, but in order to stand and cast easily it needs some stabilization. I know a few of you have the same boat, or similar setups. Do you have any suggestions? -Dan
  12. mesurfer2000

    A very long distance report

    Thanks! The scenery is truly amazing. I got a couple more pictures.
  13. mesurfer2000

    A very long distance report

    Thanks! I think it’s important to stick with goals. 5 years ago I wouldn’t have imagined it was likely to achieve either of those things, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.
  14. mesurfer2000

    A very long distance report

    Well if you ever get the chance spend the money on a float rating. I fly a lot for work and have done a lot of things in an airplane that most people only dream about but the most fun I’ve ever had in the air was flying seaplanes. The freedom is just incredible. Someday back in Maine I’ll have one.
  15. mesurfer2000

    A very long distance report

    I’ve done those too. And I will again soon. They’ve been keeping me so busy that I’ve slept in my own house less than half of this year.