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  1. plecain

    Rain always helps

    It rained most of the day Tuesday in the mountains. On Wednesday, I went to see if the rain had improved things. It has, a little. Rain from thunderstorms runs off fast. All the streams I visited were up over a few days before, but not hugely up. Temps were good. I fished three streams. All were in the 61° to 63° range. The first place was a stocked stream. All stocked browns like this. About a 1/2 hour after I started fishing some others showed up just as I hooked a couple fish. That convinced them to stay, I think. The car had FL plates. Two fly guys and a kid with a spinning rod. I wasn't intending to spend much time there anyway, so on to the next place. The second place I went isn't stocked, has never been stocked, and is higher up. There's a trail to get to it, but that trail took a beating last October. In some places the trail is just gone, like here: In others there's a 3-foot-deep channel down the center of the trail for 100 feet or more. This is one of the undamaged parts of the trail. It's not a great trail. I walked in 3/4 mile to where the trail meets the river here: This is a river with a big riverbed and not much water at this time of year. The river runs in a canyon with unclimbable walls for over a mile upstream from where I entered it. You can see the walls in the pictures. In some places they're 70-80 feet tall. So, either you have to backtrack to the entry point to get out or fish the whole river to where the canyon ends. I fished the whole way. In the 'fishing as exercise' thread I talked about tracking how far you go fishing. In this case, by the time I got back to my car my tracking app said I'd walked 4.1 miles, climbing (and descending) 540 feet. The fish are the ones I expect here, 5-10 inch brookies, almost all looking well-fed. Good numbers. Not 'fish on every cast', but still good fishing. Finally, a third place. Another never-been-stocked stream. More brookies, but a little smaller overall than the stream above. The tails on some of these wild fish are almost transparent. You can see most of my shirt through this one's tail. Then this, a fish that shouldn't be here. This river flows into another river where these are stocked. That's surely where it came from. But, there are more barriers between here and there than I'd think they could get past. Not huge barriers, but waterfalls 5-6 feet high. The stocking season for these browns was only in June. Unless this is a holdover from last year, it hasn't had any high water to help it get upstream. It's here. It got here on its own most likely. Nice surprise.
  2. plecain

    TFO BVK Blanks

    Just got an email from Mudhole. They have TFO Finesse blanks for $65. Looks like they still have a pretty good selection. They also have BVK blanks for $98.
  3. plecain

    Warning on water temp

    I was in the mountains yesterday after Tuesday's rains. Fished three places, all in the 61°-63° range. As tightlinesmaine says, you should always have a thermometer with you when the water starts to warm up.
  4. plecain

    Nice fish

    'Nice fish' doesn't begin to describe it.
  5. plecain

    Small stream dry fly action in the heat

    Pretty fish. I like the yellow ones. As you say, it's tough to find water that stays cold all year.
  6. plecain

    King and Bartlett

  7. plecain

    An extra terrestrial day

    Looks like quite a day - three kinds of trout and moose. Water looks good. How far north are you?
  8. I do not need another fly rod. I do not need another fly rod. I do not need another fly rod. I do not need another fly rod. I do not need another fly rod. I do not need another fly rod. . . . I do not need another fly rod. On the other hand, I have a lot of gear that was 'too good to pass up'.
  9. plecain

    Water at 85°!

    Oops, my mistake. I misread 800 for 500 on my topo map. Old eyes. The long flat part is around 700 ft. It rises slowly until around 900 ft at the ME/NH border.
  10. plecain

    Fishing as Exercise

    Under Armour has a free app called MapMyWalk that's pretty good. It's the one I used this time.
  11. plecain

    Fishing as Exercise

    I returned to an unstocked stream that had both rainbows and brookies the last time I was there two years ago. From my pictures it looked like about equal number of the two kinds. On another stream I visited earlier this year the rainbows seemed to be flourishing more than the brook trout. I wanted to see if the same was happening here. The water was cold early in the day. The level's low, but not yet terrible. In this stream, the brookies are holding their own. I caught easily three times as many brook trout as rainbows. However, the average rainbow was larger than the biggest brook trout. I didn't catch any rainbows like this. I wonder sometimes how these things can get hooked. Some representatives of the two varieties. Woolly buggers worked here. At least one did. It had to be black and with no bead. Black beaded ones the same size didn't work at all. The exercise idea - I've been curious about just how far I walk while fishing one of these places. There are lots of tracking apps for your phone out there. I turned mine on at the beginning of fishing. On a map, in a straight line, it's a little over a mile from where I started to where I finished. The tracking app, however, says I covered 2.25 miles in four hours. I also gained almost 600 feet in altitude. The altitude gain agrees with the map. The 2.25 miles seems high. The trace on the phone shows every time I moved from one side to the other or backtracked to get around the many fallen trees. Maybe it's right. I'll try again next time out. Counting the walk back out it says I covered 4.5 miles. I didn't come out along the stream. I took a longer but easier walking route. I guess fishing isn't wonderful exercise but I did cover a few miles and a fair amount of up and down.
  12. plecain

    Water at 85°!

    Next time I'm by there I'll stick a thermometer in the water and compare it to the gage. We (I) make a mistake in thinking the Wild is a mountain stream. Some of the NH parts are, but not the Maine part. The Maine section averages about 400 feet above sea level. That makes it behave more like a lowland stream. In addition, the last couple of miles of the river are wide and flat and mostly unshaded. On sunny days with low water the temperature rises quickly even if the air temperature is not very high. The USGS gage is about 300 yds. upstream from the Route 2 bridge in the wide, flat section of the river.
  13. plecain

    Two handers in the salt

    I've been using it about half the time. When I get it right it's a real rocket launcher.
  14. plecain

    Two handers in the salt

    I assume you mean 30 feet of T-17, not 30 meters. I have almost exactly that setup on a 13' 3" 8 wt. It casts very well (when I get the cast right.)
  15. plecain

    Water at 85°!

    If I believe the gage at the Wild River in Gilead the water temperature has been over 85° on three of the last eight days. Some rain on Friday brought it back down to the upper 60°s over the weekend. But 85°? I don't remember ever seeing that in the mountains. That's Gulf of Mexico temperature. I just hope the gage is wrong. Has anyone fished the Andro up that way? What's that like? One reason I'm very surprised is that I was near there on Friday. The temperature in the much higher stream I was fishing was 47°.