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  1. Fishermen are law breakers

    Me, too. This is from a Maine FFO stream.
  2. Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    Clearly you haven't spent much time around lawyers. That's a good thing, by the way.
  3. Stream Fishing Etiquette

    Some of the time I'll ask if he's going up or down stream and do the opposite from his answer. The majority of the time, though, I just go somewhere else. There's always 'somewhere else'.
  4. customer service?

    I must be lucky. Either that or I’ve learned something about dealing with Customer Service departments over the years. I can’t remember the last bad experience I’ve had with Customer Service. All it takes is being firm but not nasty with the people whose help you’re trying to get. That approach has worked well for me.
  5. Site Server Move and Performance Improvement

    Agree. It's significantly quicker now.
  6. 7 wt rod and reel suggestions?

    I have a 7 wt, 10' Sage Z-Axis that I like a lot. I use it mostly for stripers, though I have used it for bass in FL. It's newer brother would be the Sage ONE 7 wt 10'. There's one of those available for $400 here: https://www.theflyfishingforum.com/forums/fishing-rods-and-outfits-classifieds/540894-f-s-sage-one-txl-f.html
  7. take the orvis weekly quiz

    Same as I did. Also with some guesses.
  8. casting practice

    I've tried casting on the lawn. I find I learn next to nothing by doing that. I have a couple of ponds I can use to practice. Casting on those is better, and I can set up a camera to see what's going on. Not helpful right now, however. Have not taken a lesson.
  9. Double haul or not?

    For distance, especially when fishing a sinking line. Otherwise a single haul will do.
  10. do you have a favorite hat?

    When I'm fishing fresh water I wear a Stetson cowboy hat most of the time. A few reasons: First, with the waterproof cover it makes a good hat for keeping a lot of the rain off me - the wide brim. Second, it's a good sun-protector for the same reason - wide brim. Last, I makes me stand out. If something happens to me in the mountains and people are searching for me, hikers and others are more apt to remember seeing an old guy in a cowboy hat than would remember a baseball hat. I wear bright shirts for the same reason. Saltwater fishing is usually too windy for that hat, so I wear a long-billed fishing hat.
  11. Six weight for micros.

    Good idea. I have a 10' 6 wt. that I use in the salt often.
  12. TFO BVK 12 wt.

    If anyone 'needs' a 12 wt. rod, Sierra Trading Post has the TFO BVK in that weight for $129.99.
  13. Well folks.................

    Let us sincerely hope that you are right.
  14. Which river have you fished in the most different spots? For me, it has to be the Saco. I've fished it from where it begins in Crawford Notch, NH to where it ends in Saco, ME. In Crawford Notch you can step across it. It grows considerably by the time it ends in ME. Along its length I've fished it in at least 50 places in NH and 10-12 in ME.
  15. Crabbin' 101

    Mal (mainiac) gave me one of his crab flies to try. It was bigger and heavier than any I had. I was fishing in a strong current and just let it bounce along the bottom with a full sink line. That method worked very well for me.