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  1. phantom21

    How be.................

    ‘Tis character building mate! and you have a lot of character... after all these years!
  2. phantom21

    Sad day

    Yikes! If you have no place to store your Yak I have accessable space near UNE! PM me.
  3. phantom21

    Striper fishin' with Mal.

    So, I first met Mal in the pitch black darkness, in a parking lot, near the ocean. I did this after teaching teenage kids for several years to never ever go and meet some random guy you met on-line for any reason... needless to say, it all worked out fine, but my nieces kicked the chit out of me after my wife dropped that bomb. Mal is a (most generous) fishing force to be reckoned with, so just do it anyways! Thanks much Mal for all the time you have given me!
  4. phantom21

    Walking the beaches.

    now is a great time for neoprene waders... Eh?
  5. phantom21

    Proper care of fly lines for wintah.

    Jeez, I gotta do this big-time this wintah! It felt like I was throwing a slinky out there last Spring. Mal, what do you use to wash the lines with?
  6. phantom21

    Last try

    Trick or treat!
  7. phantom21

    Estuaries or nothin'.

    Tons o mung on the beach out front all ready. Even the surfers have given it a pass. Time to put the boat away for the wintah...
  8. phantom21

    Taking some time off.

    Yup, that is how my world is looking these days. Too many projects, not enough arms...
  9. phantom21

    Newbie Day 2017

    Dang, I missed it. Had to help a friend deliver a sailboat Down East...
  10. phantom21

    Marc says I ain't posting enough.

    HA! Nice to have you back at it Mal, but sorry hear why... Marc
  11. phantom21


    I am a big fan of the brown spectrum of lenses, and not just to throw a wrench out there on this topic. Brown and green lenses reduce the blue color spectrum, of which the water and sky is in your face while fishing. I started out with USAF Rayban G15 green, then the G15 or G34 brown lenses and I now use Berkely browns (with readers) and they are the best for me on the water. My caveat is I only see with one eye, which is very light sensitive, and which needs to be protected all the time. So, geeky clear safety glasses at night and nerdy polarized yellows for rainy days. Best thing would be to try before you buy, hand over your drivers license and walk around a parking lot on a bright sunny day looking into windshield relections, with whatever glasses you think might work for you.
  12. phantom21


    Yup, start with a clothes basket but move to a 5 gal bucket. The bucket will make you focus more on dropping your strips in a tighter pattern, and pulling your line out for casting with double hauling. Then when you move to a waist-held stripping basket it will be way way easier to manage your line.
  13. phantom21

    Going to be out for awhile.

    Great news Mal! Way to go! Fist bump.
  14. phantom21

    Disappearing scrotums.

    Ayuh, the old Craigsbliss $40 neoprene waders dont seem to fit that geeky right now! Mal, just swallow hard, them puppies will make their way back down... In a week or two...
  15. phantom21

    Run for Cuv'va

    More like a chic, er fish magnet!