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  1. Steelheadninja

    Finally got tight....

    James Browne obsessed? lol. I've heard those darn Bluefin can do that! Seriously though, well done.
  2. Steelheadninja

    Steelhead November round 1

    Yes…a huge thx to Jim & Eldredge bros. I promise I'll have my own 2h rod shortly. Yours has been fully tested now, and I can confirm that a 4wt is plenty (fun). It has definitely made a 2 hander out of me, in spirit. Now I can flail with 2 hands haha. Seriously though, after a little 'tree hugging' injury to my elbow while riding my motorcycle this summer I was having a difficult time casting with my regular gear, and was a little concerned about the fall steelhead trip but honestly it is so much easier to fish with the 2 handed rod I probably will be trying to incorporate this style into all my fishing. Landing the damn things is still a world of hurt, but that will never change I hope.
  3. Steelheadninja

    Local trouts

    Budget cutbacks forced the use of the 'spot delete" option for the 2014 model release.
  4. Steelheadninja

    Salmon River NY 2014

    Some years I have taken a trip around late Feb early Match march. Always done well. Lots of long skinny fish.
  5. Steelheadninja

    Local trouts

    Nicely done lad. Was just thinking about a little local trout…….and there they are! Just down the road. Got to get on that before I lose the fever/momentum.
  6. Steelheadninja

    Steelhead November round 1

    Im not sure whether that was a sweet kiss goodbye or a b***ch slap for bringing her to the net too quickly.! I'll take either!
  7. Steelheadninja

    Steelhead November round 2

    Lizzy just makes me smile. Ive never met someone who looks so genuinely surprised and excited about landing every fish, and can hang with the hardcore and yet still maintain some fashion sense………and out fish the crowd. Well done.
  8. Steelheadninja

    Steelhead November round 1

    The sign should read….'Welcome to Altmar NY, you're going to need a bigger net' Great trip. For once I'm fairly speechless. Doesn't get any better than crushing it with my boy James.
  9. Steelheadninja


    Thx Kevin. Nice to meet you up in Altmar. Your boys are awesome.
  10. Steelheadninja


    Yeah, and the Steelheadninjah bit is very much a joke. I know I've been doing it a long time, but the last three years fishing up there with you has been a real eye opener. Like coming back from the dead. To be honest there had been years when I went to SR just to get out of town. Now it has once again become an epic angling experience that I look forward to. Now, if I could figure out how to improve my cast / flail ratio……and find a bigger net.
  11. Steelheadninja


    James, I am your (proud) father.
  12. Steelheadninja

    Salmon River - First Time

    Pulled that same move in very late fall / early winter 1984. Work was slow and fishing in York Maine was really slow, and you'd have to dig holes in the ice to do it. Myself and a buddy read about Ontario in a west coast mag (Salmon, Trout, Steelheader?). Wasn't long (hrs) before the truck was loaded and we were on our way to NY. Understand that back then there was little info and no internet / cell phones and when we loaded the truck we had almost every article of fishing gear we had including ice fishing gear as a back up lol. Stopped in Albany and bought fishing licenses at city hall!…..who knew if we'd see another tackle shop ever! We get to the river and pull up on the bridge at Altmar……WTF……….one of the most obscene things I had ever seen. Guys literally dragging braces of 12-15Lb steelhead across the parking lot. I can't remember for sure but I don't think you could fish above the bridge back then, and there was no fly zone? We both spent the day hooking bottom and trying to pretend we weren't scared. Went to the black hole the next day. Was pretty much off the charts nuts. Later we walked all over what was to become the DSR. We both had fish on briefly but never did land one. It's a messed up place but it gets in your blood. I've been going back every year since. There have been years when I've gone out once a month in the fall / winter and years when the first week of Nov has been the only time I have fished (in fresh water) that year, but I always go back. Some of the guys that I used to travel with 'back in the day" never came back, and are still out there. Fishing.
  13. Steelheadninja


    Im betting James got some good net time lol.