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  1. Whitewolf

    Wader trouble

    Hopefully not hi-jacking....but about waders and repair.............. Must post a post script............the Liquid Stitch that I referenced is easy to apply. Just squeeze it out of the tube and spread it over the small hole wit a toothpick or something. But............I LET IT DRY OVERNIGHT! So most definitely not one to just have in yo vest. Now my little question. How do you apply Aquaseal? Do you just brush or spread it on....or do you have to use some material for a patch.....like an old fashioned inner tube patch? I have a pair of cheap hip waders that after a awhile...now leak like been hit wit a shotgun...........throw aways.....
  2. Whitewolf

    Sun glasses?

    I wear bifocal glasses already. So I used to use polarized "Fitovers" which I liked and got at $50. Amber and gray. But now seem to be $100 per pair. So..... Now wear polarized cocoons which I get on an Indian reservation in 'AZ for $45-50 with no tax. They fit over my glasses as well. works for me. There will be more expensive out there and less. But I can afford these so this is what I wear. just fyi cause you looking for suggestions.....
  3. Whitewolf

    Wader trouble

    another vote for simms. mine 10 yrs old. i dont fish that much but still good. couple of times got a hole or two in the legging and just patched them. still going strong and no leaks what so ever.....the $350 kind. uh....mine are stocking foot waders. just fyi.....just think about all those troubles listed.....and then simms. soooooo much less bother and trouble for ten years and counting......that is a good thing. not boasting. just trying to convey useful info..... oh by the way...patching....i just used liquid stitch from wal mart. so have worked fine for me and so easy to apply.
  4. Whitewolf

    Buying Fly Fish Equipment

    I have a lot of gear I will not be using. I sort of collect more than fish. One rotator cuff surgery still in rehab, nuther accident and see surgery doc tonight for other shoulder rotator cuff surgery. Realize getting too old in a new state and not using half what I have. Sending this msg to not lose touch. I be in touch. Off to the doc. Jim
  5. Whitewolf

    2016 Winter Fly Swap: Streamers

    aaahh. the beauty of a good website. I get to see them on this thread. I see the names. I can look them up and learn how to tie them on my own. cool it' so good man....it's all so good.
  6. Whitewolf

    2016 Winter Fly Swap: Streamers

    Well.....can I just buy a set of all of the streamers? I would drool to get them. 'methinks too late to get in don't think I can do them anyway. right hand and wrist going into physical therapy starting tomorrow. ongoing therapy for right shoulder rotator cuff rebuild of which doc said he had to do a lot and it very tight left shouder due for mri and probably same surgery I not doing a ole' sole amio. I sorta think I could tie them but not sure. but sorta new to maine would kill to get a set of the streamers coming out of that swap. oh well....maybe some day...... Jim
  7. Whitewolf


    Just fyi..... I was using a Cortland 444 Peach on the San Juan in New Mexico. 5' of end of line kept sinking. Clean it, treat it....kept soaking up and sinking. I know I had the end sealed with UV glue. The guide said here try my line. Fished the rest of the day without the problem. He said it was a Rio Grande 5wt fly line.......
  8. Whitewolf

    Good Place to Buy Rod Tubes?

    One of the tubes I like is the Cortland at Wal-Mart. Around the $20 range, has a reel pouch with a neat access and zipper. Mainly like because of "two" pockets inside for the rod sections. As opposed to the other ones in same price range. The black ones are just a hollow tube inside. The Cortland is better IMHO.
  9. I got the boat to Maine. $515 for a U-Haul but I got it here. It is too heavy to put on top of anything. I have a 10' utility trailer with a ramp so it should work fine. It is very tough and so dragging over anything is not a worry for me. I have a 1.5 outboard for it but just found out it will not start. Pain in the arse to work on that thing but I have to do it. I got two old dead trolling motors and cut the shaft down to be short, added a pully thing and mount one on the front left and one on the back right with a ratchet. Hang anchors from them and anytime want to anchor just push a lever and the anchor drops straight down to the bottom. Got a small 12lb battery from Batteries Plus that should work for the trolling motor enough for an outing....and then recharge. My body aches and pains just would not allow me to do kayaks and canoes. I have zero fear of water. It is just an age and body pain things that keep me outta them. The sittting positions will not work for me. I think I am going to sell the foam filled pontoon and all my inflatables. A round one, a stealthrider, a Backpacker Lite, and an old ODC816 8' toon I put a motor on. Think I just fish out of my 15' aluminum boat.......
  10. Whitewolf

    Good Place to Buy Rod Tubes?

    I have purchased cheap gun cases for my fly rods. Think prices have gone up by now. But I used to get them for $12 to $18. These would be pretty clumsy in small cars. But I had a big pick up then....and now a big van. So works for me. My 14' blank breaks down enough that it fits in the gun case.....which I think is about 47" inside. It could use a little extra foam added to keep sections from shifting. I sometimes break down the fly rod and leave the reel on it and line....and close it up in the gun case.
  11. Whitewolf

    New to ME...what pound/brand backing for stripers????

    Thank you for the input. I be using a two hander rod. Have heard about reels melting down. Thus the question of what reel. At least 200 yds of backing I guess. And at least 30lb backing. cool I guess I could have asked the Eldredge Bros fly shop. tks again jim
  12. New to Maine. Not fished yet. Working on it. Got license. Bought boat. Don't run yet.... Just read a post about "backing" breaking and loss of a fish. I have never had to be concerned about breaking backing where I come from. So.....could you suggest what pound backing rating I should put on my reel I want to use for stripers? And how much backing should one have on a reel for stripers? What the heck...grin....might as well ask what "reel" would one use to fish for stripers? I have not been in an area where a good big reel was needed....... Any help would be appreciated. tks in advance Jim
  13. Whitewolf

    Waders (Goretex)

    I have a pair of Simms about 9 yrs old. I don't wade fish and don't have near as much time in the water over those years. So use them with an inflatable toon on still water. But I have certainly tossed them around with my gear for years. Do not know if G3 or Gortex but were expensive. Great waders. Still no probs at all. Had two leaks about 6 years ago. Never used the Aqua Seal before and didn't know where it was. Sooooo....I found the two little holes and I just spread a little Liquid Stitch on with a toothpick on boaf the inside and outside and let dry 24 hours. Actually 24 hours on the outside. After dry did inside for 24 hours. Good to go. Now, today a new leak. Filled with water and found the new hole. Expected to see the old repair leaking as th same area. Both old repairs as good as new! The two old repairs held up all this time. So...patching this new hole with the same stuff. So easy to squeeze it outta da tube and just spread a nickel size of it around over the hole and done. No ruffing the material or applying a patch to stick on and glue up....like tire patches. I don't know if Aqual Seal done that way or not....but the Liquid Stitch was so easy. Just spread it on and let dry. Liquid Stitch available at Wal-Mart in the sewing/fabric department. Just fyi on what worked as an easy repair for my leaky waders. (I'm going to try some it on some flies.....) Update....I just checked and mine are not G3 or Gortex. Mine are 100% polyester and that is what the Liquid Stitch worked on. Can't speak for any other kind of material. 100% Neoprene stocking feet.
  14. Whitewolf

    Spey Lessons with Richard Ostrowski

    Yes, I have intentions of taking several lessons from Rich. I have communicated with him via email. Seems like a good teacher. Rates appear to me to be very low for what you get. Thus I really recommend people check with him and find out his rates and how he teaches. If one is interested in 2 handers I think this is a big bargain. I damaged.....hurt my foot, so I can't do it till uh....I dunno. Still racked up in a recliner........keeping it elevated. Don't seem to be getting any better. But will be getting his lessons when I can. Thanks to the posters which allowed me to hook up with him. mucho tks
  15. pls delete tks