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  1. buoy

    Pogie Harvesting

    The easiest way to do it is just find a school and use a snagging hook. The limit is 25/person, which you can get in 25 attempts... have a few people on the boat and you can get all the chum you want in no time without the hassle (log books, etc.)/expense of a commercial license and gear. Especially if you do it over a couple days.
  2. buoy

    Pogie Harvesting

    And where to find regulations: https://www.maine.gov/dmr/laws-regulations/regulations/index.html. In general, you have to call DMR to really get to the bottom of many questions, the website and statutes never quite tell the whole story...
  3. buoy

    Pogie Harvesting

    Yep, all you need is a pelagic commercial fishing license, available from DMR here: https://www.maine.gov/dmr/commercial-fishing/licenses/documents/2018/2018MarineHarvest.pdf for $98 this year.
  4. buoy

    I couldn't catch...................

    Yep, I've only seen seals and whales on the pogies around here. Fingers crossed SOMETHING else will start chasing them in Casco Bay but they never did last year
  5. buoy

    Pogies are in.

    I've seen nothing on them yet besides seals. Let's hope some predators show up this year and having all the pogies isn't a frustrating bust like it was last year in Casco Bay
  6. buoy

    Big tides this weekend

    The salt marshes are super complex when it comes to timing of current with high water being a few hours later up the marsh than down at the mouth... add in a big river and things get really screwy. Where we duck hunt in Merrymeeting Bay the incoming tide takes 7 or so hours and the outgoing only takes 5 and change!
  7. buoy

    Access Question

    Fishing, fowling, and navigating, my friend! Those that get upset tend to be even less happy when the activity in question is fowling...
  8. buoy

    Taking the boat

    I just tried to send you a PM brosa, but no go. Do you fish the Royal often/are local? I live in Freeport but trailer my boat to the Royal regularly, let me know if you want to combine efforts sometime
  9. C'est la vie. I can't fault them for not giving me a new rod when I lost part of it. That being said, it just seems so silly they can't just sell me a replacement section. Oh well
  10. I sent it in and they called me back yesterday--"nothing we can do, do you still want us to send it back?" So I'll get my 3 piece back and forever be looking for a rod tip at garage sales... oh well.
  11. So I went to Beans this morning and they weren't sure what to do as a result of the new returns policy (not that I was trying to return it!), so I had to have them send it in to Repairs and hope that they get a section soon at the Repairs location, with the understanding that they might call me to say that it counts as a return anyway then I can just get a new one. It's seems silly they can't just sell me a rod section, but we'll see how long it takes for them to figure out the company bureaucracy.
  12. Long story short, while hurrying through the woods to get back the the truck before Friday's thunderstorm, the end section of my rod fell off in the woods. Five of us went back the next morning looking for it but of course finding a rod section in the woods is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. Does anyone perhaps have a broken rod that they've been holding on to and would be interested in selling me the last section? It seems silly to buy a new rod (if they even have them in stock right now). Thanks for any help or ideas!
  13. buoy

    this looks like fun.

    Full disclaimer: I'm the research tech that does a lot of the Snap-a-Striper program Thanks for sharing this Mal! I was super excited to talk to Josh and get us involved with this tournament. Should be good fun and being a month long not too much room for "bad tides", "bad winds", 'no bait around" excuses--the bragging rights on this one are serious! Please let me know if you have any questions for us about Snap-a-Striper, I'm always happy to chat.
  14. buoy


    I saw an osprey with alewife in Falmouth yesterday morning...
  15. buoy

    fly rod holders for boat?

    It's the fun time of year getting the boat ready for the arrival of the striped ones. I'd like to add a few more vertical rod holders to the center console and really all I've found are the IFLY ones for this style: https://www.bearsden.com/product3972.html Do you know of any other brands that make this style or experience with the IFLY ones? Thanks!