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  1. Thom Lessard

    Sorry site was down

    Was hopeful with every push of the refresh.
  2. Thom Lessard


    Nice to meet a brother from the Great White North!
  3. Thom Lessard

    A view on catch and release

    Interesting read. Of course I practice catch and release the majority of the time however I very much enjoy earning my own dinner as well. Fish are delicious and healthy (not considering the mercury) but very expensive. When I catch and kill it provides the opportunity to appreciate the life that is sustaining me. Gutting and cleaning it earns the right to ingest it. You cannot get that from shrink wrapped food "caught" with a wallet. Same applies to hunting. Since you can research and find arguments for both sides, I do what feels right in my gut. It's all appreciation of the balance. I did enjoy the point of view in the article. Fun and interesting indeed!
  4. Thom Lessard

    Andro 2 Fly Canceled

    These high temps are discouraging. Glad the contests are taking it into consideration not just for successful fishing but for the safety of the fish.
  5. Thom Lessard

    Never to many rods?

    I've been drooling over those pocket waters for some time now. If I didn't have the family to support all on my own I would have many more in my arsenal. Since money is always so tight (I have four kids) I'm stuck purchasing gear as it is needed. For example, I returned my 3wt to beans for a 9wt. So I now have a 6 and 9 which allows a little more versatility than the 3 and 6. While I cannot justify taking from the fam to collect more, I do dream adout it! I'm currently pondering my next set. Thinking about another 3wt or maybe even smaller yet on the other hand, I'm always nervous that something might happen to my 6, leaving me stranded so a back up might be better. Or a switch rod sounds fun. Sigh...someday I'll have a room full of rod and reels. Until then, it's something to dream about. Let me know how the pocket water works out. Those things are sweet looking!
  6. Thom Lessard


    Love streamers mostly because they are the most impressive looking flies. Often times I use them first, and last. Depends on the situations when I use them. Trolling, obviously is done with streamers. If a river has good flow I enjoy swinging them. I suppose to sum it up, everything is relative to everything else with what I throw.
  7. Thom Lessard

    Favorite time of day to fish?

    I'm a morning guy. Who prefers sun rises over setting. Less people, less wind and nothing but possibility for the entire day. Plus, the wife can't complain that I'm going fishing if she's still asleep.
  8. Thom Lessard

    An early thanks!

    Hope to see you around Pete!
  9. Thom Lessard

    Most important piece of equipment?

    That thing inside Your hat. Without that you are, well dead.
  10. Thom Lessard

    Outa comission.

    Such a sad and funny topic/replies.
  11. Thom Lessard

    Newbie day

    Will be planning on attending next year to meet everyone and to learn a thing or two.
  12. Thom Lessard

    Unfamiliar places and how to fish them (new edit)

    Great read for a greenhorn such as myself. Glad it's still up!
  13. Thom Lessard

    Whats your favorite Wooly Bugger color?

    Olive is my "go to". I just read an article about the Golden Retriever in an old sportsman that I've been wanting to tie.
  14. Thom Lessard

    The Forks

    Was up there many many years ago with the wife and dream about going back. I talked to a couple guides I met at one of the few stores and they have some great directions to some small trout ponds. Had to park and do some hiking but it was always well worth it. The more popular rivers were well wade worthy however we were up there during September when everything was lower. Enjoy it man!
  15. Thom Lessard

    New Fly Tying Room

    Nice find. I'd be interested to see pics of tyre finished room too.