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  1. theflyguy

    Lost Hat

    Don’t lie you stole James lucky hat so he would stop catching all the beasts... lol jk
  2. theflyguy


    That sucks mal but knowing you when you feel better you will be back out even on the ledges if that where they are. I prefer the sand myself but it’s hard to stay off the rocks this time of year
  3. theflyguy

    Nice fish

    Tuna battle on the fly will be painful I am sure but a good pain atleast. 40+ minute fight on the fly= limp noodle or a arm. Can’t wait to hear that story.
  4. theflyguy

    Finger guard?

    If I remember Alan gets his tape at like rite aid and it stays on pretty good and works good
  5. theflyguy

    Nice fish

    The best tactics for big fish is keep moving. 10-12 miles is definitely putting in work on foot especially on ledges. Is 47 your biggest from shore?
  6. theflyguy

    Nice fish

    Fish that size can weigh anywhere between 35ish-48ish lbs. I true prize fish from shore.
  7. theflyguy

    Radio Silence... Either....

    Wow that never happens. Maybe the world is ending.........
  8. theflyguy

    Nice fish

    Damn James nice fish. You have these things leashed up off your favorite ledge? Lol jk you are a beast man good job
  9. theflyguy

    Finger guard?

    A lot of guys use tape like medical waterproof tape or cloth. I personally have a few pairs of Simms glove I use I think they are around 30.00 bucks last a long time
  10. theflyguy

    Rod fell apart

    Well so I had this rod I found and tried to return with posts on multiple forums. Been a couple years now and when I grabbed it to give it to a new fly fisher the threaded reel seat piece fell off. So I gave them another old rod I had. Was gonna just epoxy it back on but then had ideas rolling around in my head. I have been super addicted to two hand and switch rods lately and don’t see any short style ones for smaller rivers around here. This rod is a 9ft 5 wt perfect trout rod. I don’t know how many of you know about the commando heads for single hand rods but they make them down to 3 wt grain class. So in my boredom I found a old spin rod I don’t use that had a cork handle and cut it off and customized it to fit this rod. I used a 12 inch piece of the old spin rod that fit inside the 5wt blank and the cut off cork handle the epoxied it all together. Feels really rugged all put together. Here’s my contraption all I need now is the commando head to fit. I will order it this week. Might work might not but was fun to do either way.
  11. theflyguy

    Radio Silence... Either....

    Yeah there out there but has slowed a bit. With all the bait out there there is no wonder why along with that hot streak we had last week
  12. theflyguy

    Hooked a big one

    I wonder now that it has the scent of blood if it will work better lol. Still fishable so hopefully I get a good one on it. If I hook my self again with it atleast the barb is mashed down now and should slip out easy
  13. theflyguy

    Hooked a big one

    If you go to that spot it’s more than likely you will see sturgeon I see them up to 6ft or so in there they can really spook you at night when they bump into you. I took a video of them one time to show people how close you can get to these dinosaurs. I always wear eye protection although I am not sure how good they wood be against a clouser or crab pot at full speed.... especially with a two hand rod.
  14. theflyguy

    Hooked a big one

    You were probably where I was when this happened. How big was the one she got? 3ft or so? Had a bunch cruising today too. Actually I am sure them strurgeon where laughing at me like you dumb s.o.b how do you like it. Lol. I was lucky could of been much worse. I can tell you nailing you thumb to your middle finger hurts more with a nail gun ( lol sadly being a dumb 18 year old new to construction at the time). To be honest doesn’t feels like it never happened now pain wise
  15. theflyguy

    Back to the crater

    Totally agree love your reports