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  1. MerchantMarine2003

    SUP Fishing

    I fish off a paddle board. BOTE are good boards. I surfed my whole life so I had the skill to begin with. It's a fun novel way to fish but unless you love paddle boarding I wouldn't do it. Don't worry James I don't surf a paddle board and only paddle in flat water with it. My buddy has the full BOTE set up with the back brace etc. He likes it. Definitely need to learn to use the board before you even attempt to fish. I haven't fallen of my board for about a 3 years but I did many times when starting. Also you might think that sitting on a cooler is more stable on the board but the truth is it isn't. When your sitting you can't shift your weight to stabilize the board and over you go. Took me some time to figure that out. The wind is another issue you need to use it in your favor. I paddled the whole of Richardson Lake from south arm to upper dam. You can see how I rigged my camping gear on the board.
  2. MerchantMarine2003

    After losing a big one ........

    Fish I remember losing the most was on a pond in Baxter. Standing in a canoe I wasn't expecting much success, then bang fish on I fought that Brookie for what seemed like minutes and then he was gone. I tend to redouble my efforts after losing a good fish. Though that night that was the only fish hooked by me or my two brothers.
  3. MerchantMarine2003

    Water at 85°!

    Very true on the location of the gage. I've seen lots of fish stacked up in the deeper sections of the river for thermal refuge.
  4. MerchantMarine2003


    Jeff similar to the hoot owl regulations see link. Stopping fishing pressure in warm water situations is codified in other areas. https://fishpondusa.com/the-pond/respect-the-hoot-owl I have always had better luck in the NH section then in the Maine section of the river. This year was unproductive for me in the NH section. That's just my perspective as one mans observation hardly makes truth.
  5. MerchantMarine2003

    A very long distance report

    How am I going to one up that report? Had fun fishing with you at Penns. Now if you could only catch a fish there!
  6. MerchantMarine2003

    The season is here

    Kevin I like your bar, looks very cool
  7. MerchantMarine2003

    Wanna talk bugs?

    I only have one comment holy bleep!
  8. MerchantMarine2003


    In the Andro that far up! Nice.......Means they are in the Wild too.
  9. MerchantMarine2003

    May Fly ID

    Is this a Blue Quill ? It was a good mile or so from nearest stream. In western Maine.
  10. MerchantMarine2003


    Alex I agree with not fishing the thermal refuge areas. I've fished areas close to the road pretty hard and haven't seen others fishing, not including you on your raft.
  11. MerchantMarine2003

    The season is here

  12. MerchantMarine2003


    Small Mouth suck too! Just ask every Cold Water species in New England!
  13. MerchantMarine2003

    The season is here

    Looks good Kevin!
  14. MerchantMarine2003


    I'm not going to give up either, especially with the location being close to my house. Probably lots of fish in areas I couldn't reach or that I did not identify as fishy waters. It's bigger water so like you said the fish spread out. I'll keep hitting it. Oddly I haven't seen the pressure on that section you guys talk about.
  15. MerchantMarine2003


    Been putting in a lot of time on the Andro this year. Mainly focusing on the section below the Shelburne dam or below to the road crossings. Haven't had good luck at all. Don't know what's going on but I have tried most everything that has worked for me before, with limited success Anyone else been having good luck in that section? Talked to a few experienced guys who guide/fish the Maine border to Bethel section and they said it's been really slow going with very few hold overs, mostly this years stalked fish. Got sick of not catching fish so headed to a famous river in western Maine and caught a couple nice Salmon which restored my faith that I can (occasionally) catch fish.