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  1. McGregor956

    Nice fish

    That fish is a slob. congrats James! I hit the beaches hard after work yesterday and I got pretty beat up and not a single hit. Keep up the solid work.
  2. McGregor956

    40 on the 4th

    James you are slaying them. Nice fish! I hit the water this morning and managed only one fish even though there were tons around chasing bait.
  3. McGregor956

    Happy Birthday AMERICA !!!!!

    God bless America!
  4. McGregor956

    A quick report

    What a beautiful fish! Congrats! How long?
  5. McGregor956

    Small stream dry fly action in the heat

    That is awesome you saw a bunch of brook trout fry. Great sign for the future!
  6. McGregor956

    Small stream dry fly action in the heat

    Beautiful fish! It is always hard to find those streams that will withstand the high temps we get here in southern Maine.
  7. McGregor956

    Had a morning

    James that is a pig of a striper! Nice job!
  8. McGregor956

    Stripers watch out

    That is a very nice fish Dave. It was great running into you. Glad you got into some fish. Makes the trip worth it for sure.
  9. McGregor956

    Stripers watch out

    Yes it was pretty awesome. I fished about another hour and a half after you and Bob left. I did some walking and got into some fish that were a little bigger. The biggest was a 18-20" fatty that peeled quite a bit of line.
  10. McGregor956

    Stripers watch out

    Very nice! No doubt James will get you on the fish as you can see from the picture haha. Good luck!
  11. McGregor956

    Stripers watch out

    Where are you headed to? I will be out on Saturday at some point in the southern Maine area if you want to fish.
  12. McGregor956

    We Need Rain

    We are in desperate need of rain. I went to a brush fire yesterday and a lot of those back woods water sources are already dried up. Normally they don't get bad until august. Time to do a rain dance...
  13. McGregor956

    Sunday morning

    I went out last night and I hooked one fish but lost him. I did see a lot of birds diving but of course they were too far off shore.
  14. McGregor956

    East Outlet 12,770 cfs

    I'm hoping the flow will be down enough to wade soon. My buddy and I are going to be fishing that area the 17th-20th of this month. Keeping my fingers crossed; but I think I should be thinking about a plan B & C
  15. McGregor956

    What’s your favorite spring time fly

    If I'm pond fishing I really like a crystal bugger; river fishing I use a black flashback hares ear is sizes 14-18