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  1. Here's the report: Arrived at about 10AM and fished nymphs. Green Caddis pupae and size 18 beed head with copper body, although the copper was pretty tarnished. Caught about a dozen in the water from the access below the dam, a little below and up to the dam. Water was fairly warm actually. I didn't check out the impoundment above the dam, but it's not large. All browns from about 8-14 inches and some shiners thrown in. Tomorrow I'm headed toward Montreal and fishing the Androscogin and more around Bethel hoping for some cooler water and some brookies.
  2. Thanks Kevin, I'm going to give it a go today and report back.
  3. Hi, I just arrived from Michigan and I'm hoping to spend a couple of days on the river. Can anyone help with some good areas to check out? Is it fairly accessible? Fairly wadeable? Bugs hatching? Nymphs to try? I brought most of the boxes. I'm not looking for your favorite spot(s). Anything would help. And thanks in advance. Bill