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  1. TaylorMade8

    New baitfish patterns

    love it Mal! looks like you're staying busy this winter.
  2. TaylorMade8

    Magnum's Dragon Tails

    i bought them way before orvis was making them, they use to be a kids toy called the squirming worm or something like that. got them super cheap online but the color selection wasn't the greatest. Heard the new "dragon tails" had the same action but were a little more durable.
  3. TaylorMade8


    Fish were super keyed in this evening with a lot of activity on the top. Hundreds of rises the hour or so I was there, what particular bug is hatching this time of year? Varries from pond to pond? Just want to be prepared! Pretty exciting seeming them work the top like that
  4. TaylorMade8


    Fished a few ponds in the past few weeks and noticed a lot of fish rising in the shallows. Nothing visually hatching but they were being picky. Tried streamers and got a few fish. My question is what insects are hatching/ available to these fish as we get closer to the freeze over?
  5. TaylorMade8

    Fall tactics

    Don't be afraid to MOVE! fish this time of the year are very mobile. Look for bait, the only thing that will hold them to a spot this time of year is food. No food no fish.
  6. TaylorMade8

    Careful wading folks!

    I'd pay to see that!
  7. TaylorMade8

    Careful wading folks!

    A white at 12 feet wouldn't be eating pogies, seals yes but only the juvies eat oily fish like pogies and macks until they can catch seals. If there is truly that much bait a porbeagle, thresher, mako, blue would come inshore. **** a land based shark fisherman who has tagged hundreds of sharks on nantucket caught a Blue shark from shore last week so anything is possible.
  8. TaylorMade8

    Tournament time

    hahah can't let you get away with it though! All in good fun my friend!
  9. TaylorMade8

    Tournament time

    Eric does know you can't count the amount of rods you break right..?
  10. TaylorMade8

    Let's talk crabs.

    happen to me as well. Watched a 30"+ take a swipe at my crab floating in the waves as I was untangling line for my foot...
  11. TaylorMade8

    Two hand striper rod

    In the calendar, really excited thank you for this opportunity!
  12. TaylorMade8

    Saturday 5/13

    i'll be there. Could do breakfast/ lunch and beers at my place afterwards for all those interested, call it a beginning of the season bash
  13. TaylorMade8

    Two hand striper rod

    I would certainly be interested
  14. TaylorMade8

    Miserable and nasty.

    Road trip anyone?
  15. TaylorMade8

    First striper....

    May 15th