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  1. Upperandy

    Sunday/Monday 7/22,23

    I could do that if you're talking Monday AM. I'll PM you tomorrow. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. Upperandy

    Plans for the Fourth...

    Our plan after a picnic type road trip from Sebago, to Eustis then across to Aziscohos and on up to Pittsburg is to wet some lines in the CT river. We are almost empty nesters with my youngest working from 10-8, it will be a great day to travel the state. This is something we use to do a lot when we were dating and first married and haven't done much over the past 25 years as kids aren't really conducive for pleasant road trips.
  3. Upperandy

    Canoe Stabilization

    Some PVC and a few lobster pots.
  4. Upperandy

    Border pond rules

    Haha, like I said, I'm...
  5. Upperandy

    After losing a big one ........

    I'm just happy that I had one on. If you hook one at least you know you have the knowledge, skills and perseverance to get it done. Losing at the net doesn't bother me too much "I'm a touch the leader and it's good" kind of fisherman. Mainly because when I have to bend that low to net the fish my face gets red, veins pop out and I huff and puff afterward. Kind of like putting snowshoes on when you're all bundled up. lol
  6. Upperandy

    Border pond rules

    Once you are in the water you are in the water and the bordering waters laws in in effect. I fish a river between NH and VT. As long as I don't fish from the bank of the VT side my NH license is good. Having said that, I'm just an internet dope and what I say with regard to the law should be taken with a few beers and a good smoke. When I have questions I call DIFW and ask. It's easy and only takes a couple of minutes.
  7. Upperandy

    A very long distance report

    Way to get it done. We should all take such action on our dreams regardless how far fetched.
  8. Upperandy

    Water at 85°!

    That seems quite high unless there was no flow which could be a possibility... Usually there is some flow coming down to keep things moving. I fished on the other side of Evans and Pinkham notches this weekend the the water temps were 60-62 degrees. The sixty degree temp was on a river very similar to the Wild.
  9. Upperandy

    Advise on rod length for kid...

    When my son started at 9 years old I went to Beans. They recommend Quest outfit in either 7' or 7-6" in 4 wt. Their theory was that he would have better control, less waggle and therefore better casts. FWIW, he mastered it quickly and I had few issues with wind knots and such. He still uses it at age 17 and outcasts me with my H2, hmmm.
  10. Upperandy


    That's become a popular river. Many of the walk in places are being over fished as there is now a fly shop sending people there and the Sunday River resort is becoming much more popular with the summer vacationers who are directed there also. I see it there and up through the notch area too. I have never thought of that area as great fishing but usually good enough to keep my attention for a trip or two during the season. Last year I looked a stocking reports from prior years and it seem that most of the stocking took place below Bethel in the flat waters.
  11. Upperandy

    River changes

    Most rivers I frequent are down. There hasn't been enough rain and very little run off coming from the mountains and hills.
  12. Upperandy

    Massive Fish Cop check at Telos Bridge this year

    I love it when these stops happen. I have no worries myself, but I'm glad to see that people do get held accountable.
  13. Upperandy

    Getting Old Sucks...

    I guess the alternative is to be twenty again, then we wouldn't need a third leg. lol
  14. Upperandy

    Getting Old Sucks...

    I have a Folstaff and an Orvis wading staff. I spent good money on each. I fish with more guys who use ski poles and that's what I use when these two go.
  15. Upperandy

    Ever seen this?

    Pretty cool, I have a picture of two of them under an apple tree somewhere.