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  1. Matt419

    Remote pond study

    Good read. Looks interesting. Wouldn’t mind volunteering for some of those.
  2. Matt419

    Lost Striper Fly Box

    Wow that's awesome. Thanks for posting that story. It's nice to hear some good news for s change. Tight Lines
  3. Matt419

    Lost Striper Fly Box

    Sorry to hear that. Mine fell out of the pocket of my waders Saturday morning at newbie day. Thankfully it floated by another fly fisherman and he returned it. I guess I got lucky. Hope you get it back.
  4. Matt419

    Newbie Day 2017

    Mal and Al thanks to both of you for taking time to do that. What a great day. Ended up staying until after 1 with Al Squishy, and amg800. Definitely have to do more of that. Thanks again you guys are awesome.
  5. Matt419

    Newbie Day 2017

    I'm hoping to make it. Any suggestions on flies would be great.
  6. Matt419

    Good guys are still out there.

    So I had a much needed day off and what better way to spend it then on the water. I fished a river that I hadn't fished before. I spotted a pool I wanted to try from a bridge, but when I got there, someone else was there. I figured I would at least say hi. His name Pete. We talked a minute and I told him that it was my first time on this river. He told me all the ins and outs, techniques that worked well, and even what flies he used. After 15 minutes of conversation, I headed down stream a little ways. 20 minutes later he found me and told me he was heading out if I wanted to move to his spot. It was refreshing to meet someone like that. That conversation meant a lot to me since I'm still learning. I hope I am as kind to others on the water as he was. That made my day.
  7. Matt419


    So I'm working in Jackman for a few days this week and the fly rods will be with me. I'm not familiar with the area and looking for some suggestions for places to fish. PM me if you have suggestions or maybe in the area and want to fish some night.
  8. Matt419

    Eldredge Bros. 14th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

    So glad I mad the trip. Really enjoyed watching and talking to Scott. His skills and enthusiasm for the sport are infectious. Really enjoyed trying so many different rods as well. Thanks for putting on such an awesome event.
  9. Matt419

    Eldredge Bros. 14th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

    I'll be there. First one for me. Looking forward to it.
  10. Matt419

    Sinking line

    Well I knew if I put it out there I'd get some answers and you guys don't disappoint. Thanks for the info. You guys keep dragging me deeper into the addiction (AND I LOVE IT).
  11. Matt419

    Sinking line

    I haven't fished a lot of still water but I plan on doing more now that I've added a float tube to the mix. I tried a sinking leader last fall.
  12. Matt419

    Sinking line

    Fly fishing* geez autocorrect was asleep.
  13. Matt419

    Sinking line

    So I have a 2 part question. Only been fly flying shiny for a few years but I'm trying to expand things a bit. First question do you guys use sinking tip or full sinking line and why? Second question I have 2 5wt 9' rods, one is moderate fast and one is fast. Which one would work better for casting sinking line? I love the opinions from this group and have learned a lot from reading your posts so thanks in advance.
  14. Matt419

    Streamer swap

    Would love to but don't think I could make the deadline.
  15. Matt419

    Weighting the Montreal Whore.

    I fish this pattern with a lot of luck. Has anyone tried putting some weight on it? If so how did it work? I'm thinking of trying it but looking for some input. Thanks