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  1. Seamonkey84

    Interesting use of caddis

    Most have prob seen it before in non fishing related media, but I was reminded of this when talking to my friend about case making caddis larva. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/07/hubert-duprat-caddisflies/ Skip to 2:30 for the caddis art
  2. Seamonkey84

    Favorite hopper

    I usually buy these hoppers from cabelas https://www.cabelas.com/product/Rainys-Grand-Hopper-Per/743041.uts?slotId=1 they’ve worked well for me for trout and warm water alike. I haven’t tried too to tie it myself yet.
  3. Seamonkey84

    Rain always helps

    Beautiful pics as always. You have some of the most beautiful streams to choose from, I always look forward to reading your reports. Those are some beautiful brookies!
  4. Seamonkey84

    Warning on water temp

    When it gets too warm for most streams and rivers, I switch to sunfish and bass with poppers and WBs. I feel that inch for inch, sunfish fight as hard if not harder than trout. They are under appreciated or even thought of as trash here in Maine, but they are an absolute blast with a fly rod. Plus you almost always get some bass and pickerel mixed in. It’s a lot more fun being able to cast and actively fish than to troll with sinking line and leadcore.
  5. Seamonkey84

    Weedless Poppers

    They work well enough, just got to make sure to glide/slide it over known obstacles and debris instead of ripping right through it.
  6. Seamonkey84

    Nice fish

    Monster fish man!
  7. Seamonkey84

    I couldn't catch...................

    Golf... the wasteful use of a perfect shooting range. Then again, The last time I played with a golf ball was making one dance down range with a .22 lol. Hope your the best of luck getting out of your slump, I know what you mean about not getting out enough and not getting into any decent fish. Since I haven’t been hitting the saltwater, I’m looking forward to fall.
  8. Seamonkey84

    Think like a fly

  9. Seamonkey84

    After losing a big one ........

    We’ve all been there, it especially sucks when that’s he highlight of the day. I tell myself it was a long distance release and cast again lol. My most memorable one so far didn’t even give me a fighting chance. My first trip out pike fishing, we were catching nothing but SMB and I didn’t tie on a metal leader after a snag. I had just finished a retrieve and was drifting along the river in the canoe with the rod sticking straight out and had a few feet of line in the water. I was zoneing out a bit looking for the next spot to cast. Suddenly a giant splash right next to the canoe, a quick tug on the rod and it bit right off. I have no doubt that it would of been biggeer than any pike I’ve actually caught, I swear it looked like it was half the length of the canoe. both my buddy and I got wet. He was sitting in the back, and the tail was near his paddle and I saw a flash from the face and mouth right by me as I was holding the rod. We both swore and freaked out a bit yelling “wtf was that!” After we wrapped our head around the potential size of the fish that mugged me, we paddles into a nearby cove and just couldn’t stop laughing.
  10. Seamonkey84

    Myth Busters, The Angling Edition

    Bringing this back up since I got reminded of it during a discussion about fish intelligence. The comment I made about the fish reacting to the fly it’s seen before, coincidently I witnessed that myself with a salmon later that next month. I don’t know why I didn’t mention it back then. What the bio said in the first 8 mins of the interview is exactly what I saw a salmon do as I drifted my streamer to him. I saw him go up as if to bite, charges past my fly, start shaking his head and digging into the sand, then proceeded to jump two or three times before settling back down. I watched it the whole time, never even touched the hook, but acted like I had just set the hook on him. Has anyone else ever seen that in person?
  11. Seamonkey84

    Water is a bit low but still cold

    Beautiful fish and scenery, excellent camera work!
  12. Seamonkey84

    Caddis fly hatch

    I’ve been out on a day when dragon flies seemed to have been out in force, and the smaller LMB were going nuts all over them. They weren’t big, but it was lots of fun catching them on a small popper and a foam dragonfly pattern.
  13. Seamonkey84


    Did you ever send that pic off to a bio? If it is a rock bass it’ll be another one for the list of invasives. If it’s a warmouth sunfish, which is very similar in appearance, it’s a known invasive but they will prob want to know where it was caught.
  14. Seamonkey84

    10 years

    That’s a nice bottle right there! I prefer single malt but the couple times I’ve had blue label it was worth it.
  15. Seamonkey84

    North of Rockland

    I personally wonder how they would be ice fishing...