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  1. Scott P

    Broken rods

    Crab fly got 4" of my Sage a couple of seasons ago. (Not really the crabs fault, poor cast angle on my part). Shipped it back to Sage and they replaced the tip, lifetime guarantee. Try to be more careful now.
  2. Scott P

    Good day to be a two hander !

    Nice meeting you Rick and Martha. Alan has been getting people hooked (sorry for the pun)on two handed rods for awhile. He is always the first person to give of his time and knowledge. See you and Martha soon.
  3. Scott P

    Good day to be a two hander !

    Alan's fish below the surface.
  4. Scott P

    Good day to be a two hander !

    Had a day today with Alan, he is too modest to post a picture but look at this 35" beauty !
  5. Scott P

    Two hand striper rod

    Count me in Alan ! Just let me know the when and where ! My foot is getting better, hope to do a little scouting and casting this weekend.
  6. Scott P

    Colors of Crab Flies

    Usually use a green crab but bring a couple of sharpie markers, brown, black and red. A few marks on the green depending what is close to the colors of the live ones in the area has worked for me.
  7. Scott P

    season pics

  8. Scott P

    Cupsuptic Lake Campgroung

    Sounds like a great place and great time ! Good for you.
  9. Scott P

    Crab Pot fly

    Sorry guys, picked up those last ones today, the one I had is beat to death !
  10. Scott P

    a special day

    Good for him, and good for you ! That's how it starts, the memories and your empty wallet ! A great day you both will remember.
  11. Scott P

    Bottom Fishing With Alan

    Now you all know Alan loves to fish for Stripers, more often than not he will use his faithful "Buffy" always fishing the bottom. Well if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it either but here is the proof. Alan fishing the bottom, and I mean the bottom with his trusty "Buffy". No Stripers were to be had but he did hook his glasses on the second cast. He can explain how the glasses got there, not sure what he was looking for ! Man that guy loves to fish !
  12. Nice fish ! Been hitting the beaches lately for Stripers but looking at those pictures has given me the itch to get back into the woods ! Thanks for the renewed inspiration !
  13. I just read this topic Alan posted back in 2013. I have been fishing/learning with Alan over the past couple of weeks and he still teaches and uses this method of fishing. He has made me a believer ! Thanks Alan.