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  1. SLC Ron

    Broken rods

    If your rod does not have a reinforcing wrap at the ferrule, you need to add one. Ron
  2. SLC Ron

    Happy Birthday AMERICA !!!!!

    Amen Ron
  3. SLC Ron

    Dang it’s hot

    +1 Ron
  4. SLC Ron

    After losing a big one ........

    Remember our last day on Slough Creek? I know that was a BIG one!!! Ron
  5. SLC Ron

    Advise on rod length for kid...

    Sounds right to me. All my grandchildren started off with shorter easy to handle rods. Ron
  6. SLC Ron

    Today was a great day!

    Perfect Ron
  7. SLC Ron

    reel on rod cases

    I have one for all my rods. If you stick your fly in the cork or place it in the hook keeper you should have no problem. Been working for years for me. Ron
  8. SLC Ron

    Crazy dream trip that might just happen...

    Salt Lake City to Moxie Lake at The Forks. Fish everything that looks good along the way. Seeing as I am retiring TODAY this trip might just happen. Ron
  9. SLC Ron


    +1 Ron
  10. SLC Ron


    Not from where I am standing. I tend to be " old school" in most things. I agree with and appreciate most of your comments. I do have a problem with negative, opinionated, elitist individuals who spread hate and discontent on this forum. I thought we were all fishermen, not troublemakers. Ron
  11. SLC Ron

    What’s your favorite spring time fly

    Renegade. On top or under water, it always seems to work. Ron
  12. SLC Ron

    Small Stream Build - Glass or Carbon?

    Looks nice. Ron
  13. SLC Ron

    Not your everyday build!!

    I donated the pink rod along with another custom build to my local Project Healing Waters group. They ran two silent auctions at the Wasatch Fly Expo this past weekend. Brought in $235 and $175 respectively. Felt good to help out my PHWFF friends. Ron
  14. SLC Ron

    Opening day?

    Gotta love it Ron
  15. SLC Ron

    This is a great film

    All I can say is "That is Special". Ron