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  1. Sflagg91

    Working on the weekend

    I headed north Saturday and I knew fully what I was in for - low water and potentially high water temperatures. Even though I know this river stays cold I was somewhat nervous after the heat wave we had last week. I was pleasantly surprised upon arriving and taking the water temperature I wasn't concerned about the low water though, I've fished it plenty while its low and know the trout in this river hide in every little pocket they can. However, I've never fished it this low. First cast this brookie dramatically porpoised out of the water and latched onto my dry fly Off to a good start! I was wrong... It was quite sometime before I hooked up again. I didn't even get any hits from the numerous smaller wild fish that inhabit this river. it was very strange, at first I thought they might just be selectively feeding but that typically doesn't happen on this river. After covering quite a lot of water and spooking some fish I finally hooked up again At about 11:00 or so it cooled down a bit, the mugginess in the air disappeared and one by one more trout began coming to the net. It wasn't easy though. I had to work for every single one of them, using my best stealth and finesse (which isn't that good!) These fish will usually give me a few shots at them if I miss them the first go around... not this time! One chance that was it! I came to a few long, slow deep pools. There were rainbows stacked up like you wouldn't believe! And I eventually got them to cooperate Some were quite chunky too Heading back up river to my truck I re-fished a few spots. Earlier this fish had snubbed me (I'm assuming this was it - lets just go with it) Not my best day on this river, I got 20 fish. I can usually pull off more than that here. Low water is definitely having its effects on fish. The weather probably didn't help much either as it was hot, cool, rain, cool, hot, windy and repeat. It was a tough day as far as fishing goes, with the effort put in it was almost kinda like working!
  2. Sflagg91

    Jurassic pond

    Looks great!
  3. Sflagg91

    “The Weather Is Here-Wish You Were Beautiful”

    Great report! Never fished the river... I opt to stick to the ponds up there. I usually have them to myself!
  4. Sflagg91

    A quick report

    Thanks! One of the prettiest I've personally seen and not just because I caught it. Those fins were just beautiful. The fish look like it had been painted by a fine artist.
  5. Sflagg91

    A quick report

    Yep! Been having a lot of luck with terrestrials lately. Its seemed lately the bigger the better!
  6. Sflagg91

    A quick report

    3 weight. I tried getting him in as soon as possible because I didn't want to stress him.
  7. Sflagg91

    A quick report

    Didn't get a length on it. Just a quick picture then back in the water. It had quite the girth on it as well.
  8. Sflagg91

    Plans for the Fourth...

    Great guy! Taken many rod building classes at Eldredge bros with him
  9. Sflagg91

    A quick report

  10. Sflagg91

    A quick report

    I was perfectly content wet wading in 60 degree water and catching wild brookies like this most the morning Then I threw my hopper pattern up under an overhanging boulder next to a small waterfall and the rest happened in slow motion. I saw a fish shoot up, open his mouth and just annihilate my fly and suddenly I was hooked up with this handsome devil This is the largest brookie I've caught on a mountain stream and honestly I didn't expect to land him. He ran me all around the pool getting above me nosing into the current and diving down into the rocks. I could already see it happening and feel the heartache. However I was able to position myself just right and turn him downstream then horsed him into the net. As much as I love the little wild fish I'm glad to see fish like this. I can't help but think if its fish like this that used to be common in the rivers and ponds in this area. As he swam away back to his lair I realised how lucky we are to still have fish like this hanging around. Hope everyone is having a great fourth!
  11. Sflagg91

    Small stream dry fly action in the heat

    Some great fish right there!
  12. Sflagg91

    Headed upta camp

    Yep they are up there
  13. Sflagg91

    Headed upta camp

    Guys I'm headed to the family camp in Belgrade this weekend and usually I bring the boat and do some bass fishing but to be honest I don't feel like dragging the boat all the way up there this time around. I was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to share any info on some cold trout water within an hour or so of Belgrade, preferable a small stream or something. Thanks!
  14. Well... You could buy me one!
  15. Sflagg91

    An extra terrestrial day

    This is up around the mountains