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  1. Troutscout151

    Drifting the West Branch

    Thanks for the input guys! I know some other people on here have intel they are just not sharing yet.....PM's are welcome if it is a publicity issue... If all else fails I can certainly find the take out with some stream side investigation. I am going to do it this weekend. I will I would normally be content with hiking and wading but I am recovering from an ACL surgery and my distances on foot are limited by swelling and soreness. I will post a report on the fishing and an FYI on where the put ins and take outs are. Tightlines!
  2. Troutscout151

    Drifting the West Branch

    Where do people put in/take out when drifting the West Branch of the penob. Is drift boat fishing limited to Big Eddy? Can you take out somewhere before little A falls? Does anyone do shuttles? I have a small framed two man fishing raft and want to try it. I would also like to do so safely and know where the take out is. I've only ever waded the West Branch, but never below big eddy- Thanks!
  3. Troutscout151

    2017 success

    I am not doubting your ability to count, probably doubting mine, but I only see 7 tines. 3 on the right, 3 on the left with a brow tine. Is the 8th hidden in the picture? Regardless nice buck! Congrats!
  4. Troutscout151

    Black Friday Deals!

    did this expire?
  5. Troutscout151

    Anyone been to GLS lately

    Yeah I had pretty slow day. Couple good fish (roughly 20") and a couple of smaller fish. Fish seemed to be moving up river- saw plenty of good fish, but literally had to hit them in the face with the fly sight fishing to get them to take. Seemed like they were more concerned with spawning than eating. Water was warm.
  6. Troutscout151

    The rivers are packed

    Gross- Hopefully the crowds don't stick around
  7. Troutscout151

    The fluro mono debate!

    A classic debate- we should through furled leaders in here just for good measure- Personally I use fluoro for subsurface and mono for dries- but really I dont know if I am catching any more fish than when I fished just mono. I can't say that I have ever broken off fluoro due definitively to knot failure- I fish primarily 4x tippet and this hasn't been a problem even with larger salmon and trout. With streamers I go 3x or even 2x or sometimes just 10# seaguar flouro- never a problem there. Improved clinch knot and non slip loops work well- just take the extra time to tie them well. Fluoro has a better "wet strength" as mentioned above and in the article posted. One thing I do dislike about flouro is the crazy long time it takes to break down- environmental concern.
  8. Troutscout151

    fly boxes, flies and fishing this weekend

    x2^ I wouldn't go anywhere in the fall without white streamer patterns, stonefly nymphs, an assortment of generic nymphs size 14-18 and then some small BWO's in emerger/dries- as it gets later in the spawn then add some eggs---- Fishing tiny dries is my least favorite way to fish, however sometimes that is whats called for- even then I usually have better luck trailing a tiny emerger- oh also couldn't hurt to chuck in a few partridge and orange wets- I can usually fit this all in two slim tacky boxes- I have WAY too many flies if there is such a thing- but what I do bring everything with me in the truck- then focus on several bugs in all stages depending on the river and season - nymph, emerger, dry- then pack a couple of each life stage then some streamers and some attracter patterns and pack them into the two slim boxes for the river- leaving that bulk in the truck - that way if I reaaaaally need something I know it is only a short hike away. Presentation is usually more important than matching the hatch perfectly
  9. Troutscout151

    Can we please see an end to...

    People mishandling trout- especially the photos of trout or salmon dragged up on rocks or a grassy bank for a photo- I myself am certainly guilty of mishandling fish once in a while in the past, especially for a photo. Just remember to fight the fish as shortly as possible, use a rubber net, keep the fish in the water as long as possible, DO NOT lay a fish on its sides on rocks or grassy banks, and keep fingers out of mouths and gills. You do not need to squeeze a fish for a photo, if you are going to take a photo then simply remove the fly then rest the fish under water in the net and BRIEFLY lift the fish out of the water by supporting the fishes weight by having your hands UNDER the fish not squeezing if from the sides. Sometimes the reason fish squirm is because the angler is mishandling the fish and squeezing the **** out of it. If the fish is foul hooked, took a long fight or the hook was difficult to remove, then you probably shouldn't be stressing the fish any more by posing for a photo shoot- revive it and let it go. Just because a fish swims off initially after landing does not mean that fish will survive. As anglers we have an obligation to get this right. Here is a good reference. http://www.orvis.com/news/fly-fishing/video-how-to-catch-and-release-a-trout-correctly/
  10. Troutscout151

    I put it to you.

    October...and even November. Cast and blast. Plus the fishing is generally better where legal
  11. Troutscout151


    https://www.edsflyshop.com/thingamabody-fly-body-6-pack-4-different-colors-and-sizes-fly-fishing/ Anyone ever try these out? Who has ever had a fish take a hit at your indicator? I wonder if these would be able to suspend a heavy nymph rig?
  12. Troutscout151

    No need to go to Brazil

    Peacock bass? The forehead, looks like a forehead, on that thing is ridiculous. It looks like a unicorn! I would love to give that a try
  13. Troutscout151

    Which is your Favorite and why?

    Which is your favorite cold water species here in Maine? When this question first popped into my mind I was thinking either Trout or Salmon- but I guess bows, browns, togue and char should get a mention since people target them on the fly albeit less frequently. I would have to go with salmon. I am surprised by peoples shocked reactions sometimes when I tell them that. Those people being the die hard brookie fanatics who say blasphemy! Then they say the same thing when I tell them the state fish is LLS- not that that has any bearing on my preference. I grew up fishing brookies, and LLS came into the picture later as something new. I like the acrobatics mainly. There is just something about seeing a large salmon jet out of the water after being hooked and smack back into the water. There is that wow that is amazing/this is where **** can go wrong moment. So what do you guys think? Salmon or Trout? or....other...
  14. Troutscout151

    how many of you

    Fortunately I live on a lake with LLS and Smallmouth. I fly fish the lake a lot just to get out on the water on days where I don't have time to get to a river. Sometimes in the spring, when the stars line up just right, I can catch a few salmon fly casting towards shore for bass. When I first started fly fishing years ago, I found that having smallmouth right out my front door greatly increased my desire to pick up a fly rod. More time casting = experience= better casting/fly fishing abilities in general. I don't do it as often as I used to, but catching large bass on a 5 weight is a rush. They fight well, great practice for playing fish. Outside of that I rarely travel to fish warm water species. Maybe one scouting trip a year to the Penobscot with my friend who guides the river for bass. Also lower on the Penobscot for stripers and alewives if that counts. I planned on chasing warm water species (bass/pickerel/pike) the last half of August but an injury is keeping me off the water until October. So I guess some times, but I would choose salmon and trout on a river any day.
  15. Troutscout151

    I'm thinking this would be a cool base camp

    And it's all fun and game until you hook it with fly.