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  1. StrippinStreamahs

    Sunny day clear water

    James have you fished those dragon tails much yet? Adam theyre made by cascade crest tools/Orvis called Magnum's Dragon Tails. I posted about them a little while back. So far they've been great but they fall apart pretty easily, which seems to be the general consensus on them. They also don't shed water all that great, so it can be like casting a wet sock at times. They have gotten me all of my fish 33-35 this year though.
  2. StrippinStreamahs

    Portable Rod Holder

    https://allpointsflyfishing.com/collections/accessories/products/fishpond-quickshot-rod-holder Allpoints in south portland carries this one, I’m pretty sure vedavoo makes one as well. There’s a few styles out there.
  3. StrippinStreamahs


    Stayed until dark but didnt get much else of size, lots of fish in that 12"-20" range. Only got one decent fish that you were there to see but it was a bit smaller than I had thought when I was fighting it, the thing fought harder then anything ive hooked this year and it was only 25! Cool how that happens sometimes
  4. StrippinStreamahs


    Ben showed me the picture of that fish from this morning and it was a beaut! The legend of the black clousers continues. Good seeing you out there Adam. Too bad you had to take off, about 20 minutes after you left we hopped over to the other side of the island and it was lights out fishing, you could see fish riding the waves from that sandbar everywhere and feeding like crazy, it was a really cool sight. Not surprised your fly looks like that either, you were crushing it!
  5. StrippinStreamahs

    Crab Problems

    Thanks for all the input and info guys, the tungsten powder idea is a really cool one. I was able to cut the old eyes off fairly easily with the way that I tie them, and replace them with lead eyes. Also tied some new ones with 3 strands of thick lead on the bottom of the shank to help, trying it out tomorrow and hopefully that works! Just so weird I’ve never had an issue with it before, might have had a faulty run of those eyes.
  6. StrippinStreamahs


    Crazy what 2 days and 20 degrees cooler can do to the fishing. The other day it was non stop in the river and today I paddled almost the entire length and got one fish and a few bumps. Did try my favorite ledges this morning farther south and got two fish low 20’s with a follow from a fish in the low 30’s, can’t wait for those bigger fish to be more numerous
  7. StrippinStreamahs

    Crab Problems

    A little bit of a different spot that I frequent where I never really see any other fisherman but similar structure. I think I may be able to just cut the eyes off and exchange them, the different thread is a great idea for that, thanks for the tips man!
  8. StrippinStreamahs

    Crab Problems

    Ah gotcha, I usually don't have a problem with them moving because I put a glob of hard head cement on the shank and tie it down so when it dries it just locks into place, they always used to just break in half on me. Now this didn't happen all the time but one of my favorite spots to fish crabs has a ton of high rocks behind it so that messed with things a little if I wasn't paying attention. I might even be able to cut off the old eyes and replace them and hope it works.
  9. StrippinStreamahs

    Crab Problems

    Adam what size lead eyes do you use? I use to use those but moved away when I had issues breaking them off if I hit something on my backcast, but thats probably my casting more than anything haha. The weird part is that I used the same eyes last year with no issues. The worst part is that I tied up about 2 dozen over the winter, now I might have to cut them up!
  10. StrippinStreamahs

    Crab Problems

    I don't even think a fish had a chance to look at them, once Id let it sink I would strip but it would be obvious that the hook was digging into the sand. Tested it in the shallows and saw the same thing. Tried loop knots and normal as well with no difference.
  11. StrippinStreamahs

    Crab Problems

    The first time I fished the flats this year was a frustrating experience for me because of the way my crabs were fishing. I have done nothing different with tying them from the previous years but for some reason I could not get them to fish hook point up. I use Size 1/0 Gami SL12s hooks and a 5.5 mm brass dumbell eye. I was in the same location with the same fly as years before, yet nothing was fishing the way it has in the past. The only thing that may have been different was that I used a size heavier dumbell eye on some of them (which I would think would help it ride hook point up more than not) and a little bit longer of a leader. Would that heavier dumbell have a negative effect? Maybe the leader is too long? (5-6 feet). Can anyone give some insight as to what may be causing this?
  12. StrippinStreamahs

    Water was boiling

    The beach was craziness yesterday as well, hit the drop on the flat and bird and bait for miles, not as many fish as today but that would be hard to do, seemed like a fish every/every other cast for 4 hours straight
  13. StrippinStreamahs

    On the board

    Now thats a double! I was lucky enough to get my first fish of the season today too, they're definitely moving in more and more with every tide. There were hundreds of birds working everywhere, reminded me a lot of last spring just with less stripers. Did find a few spots that were just boiling with brit herring from the schools of fish underneath them, pushing them up against the rocks. Thats always so cool to watch. Things are looking up!
  14. StrippinStreamahs

    Thinking a bit longer

    Thats a bummer! Hopefully the fishing stays good longer into the summer unlike last year when it just suddenly died. I always tell myself I want to explore the north woods for brookies and salmon in the spring but it never happens because the stripers show up around the same time everything gets good in freshwater. But, of course saltwater takes precedence.
  15. StrippinStreamahs

    When to keep or kill a fish?

    This was apparently starting to become an issue on Moosehead, even though that lake still produces some of the largest fish in the state. I was reading that they changed the regulations up there back in 2012 so that theres no bag limit on lake trout under 18". They did a study on the lake and found that the togue population was so out of control that there was a shortage on smelt due to competition, so they encouraged more people to take as many small lake trout as possible. One biologist estimated that in 3 years 80,000 togue were taken, which has seemed to kick back up the size of not only the togue but also the salmon and brook trout. They attribute that to more smelt available due to less competition from the small togue. It has been cool to see that progression through the last couple of years, so many more gigantic brook trout have been caught through the ice this last year so it seems to be working.