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  1. Flynoob

    River changes

    I fished the st George a few days ago and it looked like it was the end of August and we hadn’t at rain in a month. Last year I was up to my chest in water catching trout on dries at this time. I also had a confused school of alewives to keep me company. Not sure why they overshot sennebec pond and were up that far?
  2. Flynoob

    Rigging up before hitting the water

    My 3wt cgr is always ready to go with a woolly bugger tied on in black or olive incase the mood strikes. I always rig up my rod at the vehicle tho and still manage to miss eyelets and wrap the fly line around the sections and screw it up and never notice til I cast a few times and wonder why I’m having such a hard time! I do love my fenwick aetos tho! I’d be bummed if I lost the tip section.
  3. Flynoob

    PFD for a canoe

    Maybe clarify whether your going to wear it or just have it in the canoe? I use float cushions with straps in mine. I only use it on a very shallow river tho so I don’t worry about needing a good jacket. If I kayaked I would invest in a nice PFD jacket for sure.
  4. Flynoob

    Union River (any branches)

    Headed up there next month. Fishing should be good by now. I’m usually way too early! Of course it depends on what your fishing for.
  5. Flynoob

    Lowland Streams are looking good!

    Awesome photos. Im also headed to Baxter this weekend (north enterence) hopefully the fish are biting better than last spring.
  6. Flynoob

    Fun rod

    Started with my granddads st croix imperial 7/8 weight in addition I now have the 2,3,4,5/6 weight cgr rods. The 3 weight cgr is the best out of all of them for sure
  7. Flynoob

    New regs

    Very true
  8. Flynoob

    When to keep or kill a fish?

    I’ve read the post about chesuncook and how the salmon are now small because a lack of harvesting of fish. Does anyone have input on how that works with other species? I feel it may be the same. I’ve heard the theory of let the large fish go because that fish has genes that will create larger fish when the fish spawns (male or female) I’ve fished a couple different ponds that were similar one was a bass pond and one was a trout pond and it seems the fish are all similar in size no matter what you catch. If someone can break this down that would be great. When do you draw the line?and what size is the size to keep? If you take small ones all you get is small fish in the future. If you take large breeders or brood stock is that the same?
  9. Flynoob

    All kinds of bugs...

    I went out. The black fly mosquito hatch was strong! Only saw one fish.
  10. Flynoob

    Video games

    I had an Atari as a kid and loved my first Nintendo. I’m not so sure it’s video games that keep kids indoors so much as the internet and cell phones. I’m not a parent but I would for sure try to keep phones and internet away from my kids if I had them. I’m sure that’s unrealistic. I do have a couple nephews that have a pretty great mix of hunting/fishing/hiking and they enjoy both together. Kids today are definitely growing up in a way different environment than 20 or so years ago. I remember making bow and arrows and trying to shoot stuff and catching snakes that bit me and going out on ice on lakes that maybe wasn’t safe. I spent atleast 8 hours a day as a kid with no parents at all. Drinking water out of garden hoses from anywhere? Who remembers that? “Times they are a changin”
  11. Flynoob


    Funny how the GOP wants voter Id to vote in your state, but no universal background checks. If voting is a right it shall not be infringed lol. I love voting and guns, a license is something the government takes and sells back to you.
  12. Flynoob


    I’m not saying we need an amendment against mentally ill people. I used the term vaguely. We don’t give felons the right to own firearms is that against the 2nd amendment? I’m saying we need some better laws for people diagnosed with dangerous tendencies not people who just go to a therapist. We’ve been restricting who can vote for a long time also and there are a few amendments that explain that. Felons also cannot vote. Women couldn’t vote for a long time or African Americans. The constitution Has changed over time.
  13. Flynoob


    That’s also just a cheap **** AR15 also you can watch those light on fire online because the handguard is plastic lol
  14. Flynoob


    I love how he only cuts the barrel and gas system. Now it’s illegal considered a SBR or short barrel rifle. He should have attached an arm brace first so it would be a pistol. I love my AR15 in 6.5 grendel lots of fun. I think the NRA has kinda lost focuse and got polluted by politics and I’m not real happy about hearing how they get foreign funds. I don’t care for larger retailers for hunting or fishing gear anyways so who cares is my opinion. I am in favor of universal background checks and getting guns away from people with mental illness. Also actually following up on the laws we already have would be great too. I don’t feel victimized like the internet ar15 owners would lead you to believe but maybe some are. I just feel like we need some common sense laws for guns.
  15. Flynoob

    Hunting fishing or both

    Not sure if it applies to yourself but if you had to take a hunters safety class you can’t go more than 9 years without renewing a hunting. License I think