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  1. RedGrayGhost

    Finger guard?

    Eldredge has buff brand stripping guards, much better than strippee in my opinion.
  2. RedGrayGhost

    I couldn't catch...................

    Fair enough, definitely not what I saw.
  3. RedGrayGhost

    I couldn't catch...................

    Was paddle boarding yesterday afternoon, and saw what I believe was a school of Pogies (4-5 in. fish, about 100 of them in a school) with stripers swarming them. Didn't have my rod, but there was a spin fisherman who got skunked 100 yards away.
  4. RedGrayGhost

    40 on the 4th

    Only Blues I've caught were in Jersey. Landed one 30"+, most exciting fight I've ever had with a fish! One can only hope... Maybe I'll start carrying a little wire with me
  5. RedGrayGhost

    SUP Fishing

    Yea I wont bother out of a kayak, can't stand fishing sitting down. I got my wife a basic SUP for her birthday so maybe I'll try fishing from that once or twice before investing in a BOTE. I already love paddle boarding leisurely so it wont end up in the classifieds, just a matter of whether or not I spend $1500-2000 on a niche board. Being up that high and sight fishing the flats sounds perfect, but I believe it's a pain to manage gear and cast. Not a lot of people out there have tried it though, so it's hard to find experienced opinions.. As far as going from spot to spot on one, I don't dare wear waders on a paddleboard. Sounds like a death sentence Maybe I'd need to wear a wetsuit with a jacket or something?
  6. RedGrayGhost

    Broken rods

    I attribute my ferrule breaks to throwing flies that are too heavy for the rod. I like fishing 8 wt but that doesn’t stop me from throwing 6”+ weighted clousers...
  7. RedGrayGhost

    Broken rods

    I've lost one tip to a fly, 2 rods to weak ferrules and several from car doors and snags. Aside from casting better, and always breaking down your rod properly for storage (rigging it again when you go out next is better than replacing it!)... As people have said, point the rod at the snag and free it up by pulling on the line. Jerking the rod to free the fly has never ended well for me.
  8. RedGrayGhost

    SUP Fishing

    I told myself that when I bought a house, the boat was soon to follow. What they don't tell you (except they do and I don't listen) is that buying a house means no money for a boat. So knowing that, time to look at this a different way. I looked at Kayaks, and I hate sitting down while fishing, I can't tow anything (company vehicle with lots of rules), and I've been wanting a SUP just for cruising anyway. After a little research, I found that there are 'hybrid' style SUPs that are stable for fishing, cruise nicely and even can surf if desperate. Having the ability to mount a cooler as a seat, and spots to mount gear so that I'm not putting my rod on the deck or dropping my paddle in the water... all sounds too good to be true. BOTE Boards - I've been looking at these things, a bit pricey but I can't find a single bad review.. I also can't find many good reviews. Has anyone heard of these boards? Tried fishing from a paddle board? Any experience or feedback is greatly appreciated. I wish I could just demo it for a morning, it's a big expense just to take a chance.
  9. RedGrayGhost

    Leave no trace

    I ran into a local pd officer the other day there. After a lengthy conversation, I left there with the notion that the local law enforcement is on the side of the fishermen. Quick way to change that is litter, but it was good to know they support our access, and fight for us to an extent. I can always be more mindful of my tippet clippings. Thanks for the refresh!
  10. RedGrayGhost

    Good day to be a two hander !

    Here I am trying to decide if it's worth making the drive in the morning...... Of course it's worth the drive
  11. RedGrayGhost

    Who wants..........

    So tempting, but I don't think my client wants me showing up at lunch time, soaking wet. Yet still tempting... Usual spot?
  12. RedGrayGhost

    Next few mornings................

    There was some decent action by the jetty this morning, had one 30"+ cruise the edge but I couldn't get my fly in position with the wind. Slower than I expected for sure, but I also expected stronger tides with the full moon?
  13. RedGrayGhost

    lit them up..................

    Great morning, reminded me why I used to make the trip so much. I'm sure I'll be back up there with you guys soon!
  14. RedGrayGhost

    Big tides this weekend

    I've been reading a ton about that current movement progression lately (made a post on it a week or so back). I haven't read it in the "rule of 12ths" though, that makes it way easier to follow. The predictions I've been reading don't have it being as consistent though, where some tides the current takes 2+ hours to start ramping and the max current falling more towards the end of the tide than the middle. I may understand that wrong, but for the sake of fishing your way is SO much easier to follow! As for this weekend, big tides, big fish, wife out of town... If anyone wants to meet up one morning I'll be fishing solo all weekend so the camaraderie is welcome :-)
  15. RedGrayGhost

    North of Rockland

    I travel up as far as Machias for work quite a bit. How far is too far to reliably catch fish up your way?