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  1. hmarchetti

    WTB- 10wt coldwater lines

    Looking to buy 10wt cold water lines to be used primarily for striper fishing. I need a heavy sinker and an intermediate. Will be fishing them on Scott S4S. Thanks!
  2. hmarchetti

    16' Custom Drift Boat

    Sharing this ad for my brother who is selling his drift boat. We floated a few rivers in Washington state in it but since he moved back to Maine it hasn't been used. Absolutely stunning boat that performs and it's in great condition. Comes with everything. Be prepared for a LOT of attention with this thing behind your truck or on the river, I've witnessed it firsthand. Located in Lincolnville if interested in looking at it Pictures and contact info through craigslist- https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/d/16-custom-driftboat/6581360940.html
  3. hmarchetti

    Things that go Bump in the night.

    Thanks, I lucked out big time. First dropped my camera in the water then took two blind pictures holding it full extension above my head haha
  4. hmarchetti

    Things that go Bump in the night.

    I agree that you oughtta be careful at night. It can be very spooky, but that’s exactly what I like about it. Lots of activity on the water when the lights go out. Never gave it an honest shot til last season and ended up hooking my best yet
  5. hmarchetti

    WTB: Jack Gartside's guide to Boston Harbor

    missed that, thanks!
  6. Looking to buy "The Fly Fisherman's Guide to Boston Harbor" by Jack Gartside. Apparently it's a difficult book to find, but thought I'd ask here! Thanks for any help, and happy to move this topic to the classifieds if more appropriate. Henry
  7. hmarchetti

    Peanuts/Fall run

    Been thinking about taking some time off from work to chase the fall run this year... Everyone seems to talk about peanut bunker so tried tying a couple. I'll be around Casco quite a bit over the next couple weeks so looking forward to giving them a swim! These are about 4 inches, tied with bucktail, peacock herl, and a little sf blend and craft fur. Anyone have success on the peanut during the fall? What sizes/colors would you suggest stocking up on if you were to fish southern Maine, Mass, and maybe RI/NY from Mid Oct-Mid Nov? Any other major baitfish you would suggest having in the quiver for a fall run trip? Will be fishing from shore. Thanks, Henry
  8. hmarchetti

    40" Club: Updated Sept,5th, 2009

    Thanks Swede- Yes it did. Been a productive pattern for me this year.
  9. hmarchetti

    40" Club: Updated Sept,5th, 2009

    Articulated and about 8"
  10. hmarchetti

    40" Club: Updated Sept,5th, 2009

    Hey, thanks guys. I've gone all in this season looking for a truly big fish and it paid off! Can't wait for the next one
  11. hmarchetti

    40" Club: Updated Sept,5th, 2009

    things that go bump in the night
  12. hmarchetti

    St. George River

    Hi Russ- Head of tide is right around the Main st bridge in Warren. (Just downstream of Payson Park/Rt 90 bridge)
  13. hmarchetti

    hollow alewife

    Thanks a ton guys, glad you like em!
  14. hmarchetti

    hollow alewife

    6" hollow alewives tied with bucktail, SF blend, and a little craft fur. Two with shlappen tails and one with zonker. 1/4" body tubing behind the final stack of material to help push water and make the tail dance. Time for a swim test!
  15. hmarchetti

    Soaking Hollow Flies

    Running hot water from the faucet works well for me. I like to hang the fly from a toothpick through the hook eye while soaking it and then prop the toothpick off the edge of a counter to let the hanging fly dry. It's amazing how much it helps tame down and finalize the taper of the fly. Good luck and experiment!