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  1. SBG

    Lowland Streams are looking good!

    Amazing photos!
  2. SBG

    Road test

    Great day with the new boat. Beautiful day but freezing with the wind. Made a few casts but my hands couldn't take the wind so I got to watch Kevin fish. One of my favorite things...believe it or not I've learned a lot doing this!
  3. SBG

    Eldredge Bros Expo

    Great show yesterday! We had so much fun. It was great seeing everyone!
  4. SBG

    Eldredge Bros Expo

  5. SBG

    Eldredge Bros Expo

  6. Yes I have been lucky to have a great guide to teach me to fly fish and get me started but its not the only way. The resources out there are nearly endless. Like with anything new you have to research it. To start with you have the internet. A simple Google search for fly fishing or even fly fishing in Maine will direct you in a hundred different directions depending on what you are looking for. It will give you websites, such as this one, guides names and websites, fly shops, videos, books, shows and gear info. It takes finding one person. Go to your local fly shop. Ask questions! They can help get you started. Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop is always a great place to start. The people there are knowledgeable and willing to help. Most shops offer classes. Go to the book store. They'll have books on fly fishing. Find videos! You can find them online, at the book store or at your local fly shops. You can get the basics and more out of a casting video. I personally have watched the video Joan Wulff did on casting. I found it helpful. Call a guide. Ask them questions. Kevin is constantly taking calls and answering question from people who are wanting to get into fly fishing or coming to the area and don't know what to do. Hire a guide if you can at the beginning. We've had multiple client come to camp for a starter class. They learn to cast and get some basics. We bring them down to the river and allow them to cast and catch their first fish on the fly. Maine Fly Fish was started for this purpose right here. It offers an array of info for whatever your skill level is. This forum is here to help. Ask questions, people are willing to help! Public waters are a resource. Your backyard is a resource. I've spent hours in our yard just casting. Practicing! Yes Kevin has given me the basics but it has been what I have done that has brought me to where I am now with my casting. I spent a 2 day remote pond trip just casting. Not fishing, casting! I wanted to be better. I spent hours out front prior to our trip last year to Florida, just casting. Casting a bigger rod and heavier line for salt. I had never done it and wanted to be prepared. I tried to cast everyday to prepare and become more accurate. Believe it or not I've learned a lot by just watching. I go to shows and watch people cast. I watch Kevin when we fish. A lot! I've learned tons by doing this. Like I said, the resources are there!
  7. This topic has always been a touchy subject with me. Most would think, as a women new to fly fishing, I too would rally behind the whole "women's movement " in the fly fishing industry. That isn't necessarily the case. I don't feel that gender has anything to do with it. Often times it becomes a gender issue because we make it one. As I stated before, yes I fly fish, yes I'm a women, SO WHAT! I don't need or have to have another women to teach me to fly fish or show me the ropes. Gender makes no difference. Casting isn't based on gender and isn't determined by gender. Learning the proper way to fight a fish, net a fish and release a fish safely back into the water doesn't change depending on your gender. I fish with people I enjoy spending time with and whom also enjoy fishing whether they are male or female makes no difference to me. The resources are there and if we just make it about fly fishing and not about gender we would see that and not see a platform for the next "movement".
  8. SBG

    Free decals

    I think only one of you got decals...not sure which one though. Let me know if you haven't received them and I'll get them right out...sorry for the delay
  9. SBG

    The Journal

    Had an incredible morning talking with Steve Campbell, owner of Thomas Rod Co in Brewer. What a story he had to tell! Looking forward showing you his story in The Journal! Stay tuned folks... Here are some great stills from today
  10. SBG

    No Trespassing!

    Anyone up for doing this? Is there a fish that's worth doing this?!
  11. SBG

    would you get buck fever?

    I just want to take this opportunity to point out the obvious here, the guy in the second video is clearly overweight. And poor wardrobe choices are showing off all the wrong ASSets! Just saying....
  12. SBG

    would you get buck fever?

    Would you get buck fever? Not sure how anyone can confuse that question to mean anything else. If you had tarpon swimming at you would you have buck fever? Would you hold up under the pressure or would you mess it all up by psyching yourself out? Just confused as to how this all turned into a fix it all casting topic where we're losing site of the purpose of the videos posted.....
  13. SBG

    Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    I think for me, as an LL Bean shopper, I was willing to pay the higher price because I liked the idea that I could return for new IF I NEEDED to. I'm not big on returning things period but if I know I could at any point I don't mind spending a little more for that item. So it was more about the possibility being there than the literal returning of product. Without the lifetime warranty you're left overpaying for items you can easily pay less for somewhere else. LL Bean is no longer the only option for those outdoor adventure items like they seemed to be for so long. There are many competitors out there to choose from. They've lost their uniqueness for me.
  14. SBG

    customer service?

    It's not just your big box stores that are lacking in the customer service department. We have had too many bad experiences lately with the small shops to not share. We recently purchased a new boat and prior to this purchase spent months and months waiting for responses, photos, quotes from a particular boat manufacturer. We were preapproved with the bank for the loan and knew exactly what we wanted in a boat and were patiently waiting for photos to be sure our vision was accurately translated. And that's where we were continually disappointed. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Each time we checked in with them to see if they had photos we got the standard "we're working in it" spiel. We we were begging them to take our money, we just wanted photos, that's It! We finally got tired of getting blown off and figured they didn't want our money and went elsewhere. Thankfully we found a boat, made the deal and signed on the dotted line. The next task at hand was driving to pick it up. It was in Pennsylvania. Thankfully we were headed to NJ for the show and it was only 2 1/2 hrs west of the show. Off we went...10 hrs later we were at the boat dealer ready to bring the boat home. But wait, of course it couldn't be that easy...No spare tire for the trailer! With a 10plus hour drive home we needed a spare. We asked if they could throw one on and their answer shocked us! They couldn't throw one on but we could purchase one! We just drive 10 hours down and will drive 10 hours home and they could throw a $90 spare on? Are you kidding me?! Then they tell us we need to get our own trailer plates, they didn't provide them. And proceeded to give us direction to a place we can go and get plates for another $85! Was it the $90 for the tire or $85 for the plates that irritated us, NO! It was the idea that we drove all this way and they didn't care if we had a spare or plates. They knew we were coming all the way from Maine and made zero effort to make sure we were completely covered and prepared to grab and go. We're used to leaving the dealership with plates here in Maine so this all was a surprise.... Bottom line, they didn't care! They had our money and didn't care if we made it home safely! Customer service is one of the most vital aspects to any business, big or small. It doesn't matter how good your product is , if you can't take care of your customers you can't assume or hope they will come back. They will eventually find someone else to give their money to!
  15. SBG

    world record permit

    Bahaha!! I'm pretty sure this IS me in this video Ron!