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  1. Oli

    Streamer fishing still good

    Nice fish
  2. Oli

    December so far

    Nice rainbow
  3. Any shopping plan? Been thinking about go fishing with some friends. And I need to buy a coat for myself, and a spin reel for my brother. _________________________________________________________________ Mistakes do not define you; they refine you.
  4. Man, you are a good storyteller
  5. Oli

    Outta The box success

    Never tried this before.
  6. Oli

    A salt water experience

    Thanks for the report. Maybe in a few days, river gets frozen?
  7. Oli

    Windham on Thanksgiving

    Uh, good luck, buddy
  8. Oli

    Best Sinking and Floating Lines

    No best I think. Its hard to decide. If you find one that meets your basic needs, that would do.
  9. Oli

    What do you do?

    I prefer to fishing alone
  10. Oli

    Indicator nymphing...

    Nice posts. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing
  11. Oli

    quill nymphs

    Nice ties
  12. Oli

    What flies are still working?

    Seems egg pattern worked
  13. Oli

    Arbor on fly reel?

    Thank you for your quick reply.