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  1. saltydog

    New Years Gift "Detication"

    it's done even though it 's a two day's late. I was given the pair of Black Crow feathers. from a friend who is a Native American. always had great conversations with him, when he was around, he never owned a car an walked everywhere he went or asked for rides. once a year he would head up to the north country for there season "POW WOW" for a few weeks. Always looked forward to his new stories. an time spent together. Sad to say he will never get to see this fly. his passing is bittersweet, the fly is done but a friend is GONE. with that said I know he would have relished seeing an keeping this fly. I named this fly as I know this is where he is now. This fly has 32 feathers in it. an I will frame it and hand it an with every glance I will see him. "BLOOD BROTHERS FOREVER"the name of the fly is " NAMIDA "Translation "STAR DANCER"GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  2. saltydog

    Elk Hair !

    check your messages I just sent it. thank you GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  3. saltydog

    Sea Horse ?

    Trying to get back into the groove. but it's Tuff, an Ruff, can't seem to get it together. everything is out of shape an looks out of place, maybe after a few week, it will come back to me. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  4. saltydog

    Elk Hair !

    IT'S YOURS, check your messages sent info thank you enjoy. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  5. it's yours ---> pay pal  bluh2o@verizon.net

    when I get your mailing address Ill print up a label an pack up A.S.A.P.  when shipped Ill message you  the tracking no. 

    1. oldman1


      I'm having trouble getting your address, kindly email it again so I can send check.Upon receipt of check you can send out the product. please email me the address on regular email, this should take care of the issues I'm having retrieving your address. my email address is creativetyers@aol.com.

      thanks. Old man

  6. saltydog

    Elk Hair !

    10 packs different colors, would cost you about $ 30.00! you can have all Ten for Ten $10.00 + $5.00 shipping = Total $15.00. pay pal excepted. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  7. saltydog

    Fly Stamps in Frame !

    Here's a collectible set of fly stamps Royal Wolff, Jack Scott, Apte Tarpon fly, Lefty Deceiver, Muddler Minnow all classics matted an in oak frame ready to display can be yours $25.00 + $7.50 shipping total $32.50 "those are reflection in the frame it is in new condition. sorry for the lossy picture!
  8. saltydog

    Im Back ?

    YES SIR, just have to think of NEW STUFF!!! GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  9. saltydog

    Im Back ?

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm back for the season all my cars are put away no more shows or cruises just a few auctions to attend. this will be my first fly got to start to think of stuff to tie. mostly ART FLYS an a few striper flys threw in. being thanksgiving this one has a bunch of pheasant in it to commemorate this hunting season. no turkey feathers. this time. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  10. saltydog

    LAST ONE !

    Im back had a great time getting ready for tomorrow going to meet a sew guys for lunch at kimballs ice cream.. SLCR. you can see what Im driving at the time if you come to KimBalls Fridays guys come down from N.H. all the time.anything interesting up there for SALE ! Im always looking. RAW ILL see what I can do Im busy for while but will put it on my list TGIF thats what they are. ARROWFLINGER your welcome glad you enjoyed them. you mean you did not watch the auction ? shame on you ! 64 Malibu SS, 65 mustang. working on my 86 MONTE CARLO SS just a repaint had spiderwebs, old paint, hand sanding , pulling all panels an glass an paint it properly. should be done soon. an yes it's FOR SALE.
  11. saltydog

    LAST ONE !

    Got a busy schedule up an coming might post every now an then. heading to Barrett Jacksons April 6-8 got a couple of cars there. so see you there or maby on TV. got another Barrett Jacksons Auction in June 21-24 an car show,s and cruz 's all summer long ,will one more fly Ill post ,for a friend that I told I will bring for him in June. this is my " AMERICAN INDIAN HEADRESS. " GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  12. saltydog

    BLUES !

    "Fatboy Slim" Good Luck Good Tyin
  13. saltydog

    BUGS !

    This one is going out to a friend who teaches Entomology. cant wait to hear what he thinks about this one. GOOD LUCK GODO TYINMy " Diabolus Nymph "
  14. saltydog

    Mack on a tube...

    Sweet. should be a killer. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  15. saltydog


    Did this one up for a SPORTSMEN SHOW last month .to attract a lot of attention, went over very well had a great time. made a few new friends and got more interest in ARTISTIC FLY TYING . GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN my " BUZZ BAIT FLY "