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  1. ClarkMorrison

    Summer Update

    It's been one hell of a summer in western maine.
  2. Fished one of my favorite rivers in the state this past weekend. The river was packed with a bunch of nymphers who weren't having much luck, so I tied on the biggest conehead zonker I had and got into some hungry fish. Most of the fish were in the 14-15 inch range. I lost a couple that were closer to the 18-20" range, but I dont want to tell any fishing stories ;). Then on the way home we had a nice moosey suprise. This young bull looked like he had a tough winter.
  3. Spent the afternoon catching a bunch of dinks, when all of a sudden I caught something much bigger. It isn't a giant, but a lot better than the small schoolies. These are some fun fish to catch.
  4. ClarkMorrison

    Today was the day....

    I was only down in that region because my girlfriend had an appointment in Freeport... I live in central Maine... The crowds there were insane too. I should've picked a different spot to try I think. I just thought that the sump would be great because it is the most highly stocked river in the state.
  5. ClarkMorrison

    Today was the day....

    That really made me contemplate hanging up the fly rod for a while. I fished Sumpy today for the first time and got skunked. I don't know why it is that I can reliably catch 20+ inch wild salmon and brookies on the Mags and EO, but can't catch a 9 inch brown trout, fresh out of the stocking truck...
  6. ClarkMorrison

    Signs of life!

    Went fishing on a local, small tributary yesterday and got skunked, but I saw something that makes me hopeful that spring is almost here! There was a few stones hatching that make me anxious for some May dry fishing.
  7. ClarkMorrison

    Stocked fish in the lower Mag???

    I never thought about that! It very well could be... I'm pretty sure the dam is passable because I read a study that the maine IFW did that said that a lot of lower Mag brook trout winter in the upper andro.
  8. ClarkMorrison

    Stocked fish in the lower Mag???

    I was just reminiscing some pictures from this past summer and one caught my eye. I have a picture of a 22 inch salmon and both its pectoral fins are missing. I can't believe I didn't notice it when I caught it. Maybe it was genetic, or an injury, I can't think of any way a stocked salmon could make it in there... The only connection I could even think of would be Richardson lake, but the fish would have to make it all the way down to umbagog and back all the way up to the powerhouse on the lower Mag... Any ideas?
  9. ClarkMorrison

    Fishing reports?

    I like to stop in at the local shop and talk to them about how the rivers are fishing. If I go up to the rangeley area I always stop in and talk to them and they usually give pretty good insight on which of the big three rivers to fish or what patterns are working when. The only opinion I take more serious than the shops are the biologists that frequent the rivers I fish. One biologist on the lower Mags put me on a 23 inch brook trout that I never would've caught without his advice. He showed me the pool it was in and it was a pool that I had passed up on many times. The locals know the rivers they fish like the back of their hand
  10. ClarkMorrison

    Bamboo fly rod restoration project

    Hey guys! I have to do a senior project at my school. The project can be almost anything that I want, but I have to put in at least 35 hours of work and have a "mentor" or consult to work and check in with. I have an old bamboo rod in very rough shape, and I think restoring it would be a great project, and I was wondering if any rod builders in the central maine area would be willing to lend a hand and take it on with me. The project hasn't been assigned yet and it won't need to be started until the beginning of March, but I just wanted to get the word out. Thank you!
  11. ClarkMorrison

    Marlborough fly show?

    I went for the first time and I thought it was great. A few people I talked to said it was pretty boring and said that somerset is way better, but for the first fly fishing show that I have ever been to I thought there was a lot of interesting stuff, good deals and good people.
  12. Next year I might be attending St. Joseph's college and I was wondering about fly shops in that area. Thanks.
  13. ClarkMorrison

    Species on a fly

    Brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, LL salmon, striped bass, chub, SMB, LMB, sunfish, pickerel, white perch, yellow perch, golden shiner
  14. ClarkMorrison

    Winter fishing?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site and I'm still trying to figure things out, but anyways, I've just started to try getting into winter fishing without much luck... I've been mostly fishing the K in shawmut throwing nymph and midge rigs... Thanks for the help!