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  1. caught_the_fever

    Had a rough month

    Sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure particularly hard when coupled at a time when you are already feeling less than 100% following a major surgery. I hope that each day gets better for you physically and emotionally. While working through the tears is never easy, eventually the grieving process does allow us to accept and be able to look back on the positive addition our loved ones, including pets, had on our lives with a smile. But it is tough when we're in the midst of it. Best to you.
  2. caught_the_fever

    Hooked a big one

    Glad to hear you recovered. Bringing back some recent memories for me! My last evening of productive fishing I was using the same fly. Apparently I missed my stripping basket and my line became tangled in a rock during a back cast. I saw my clouser approaching at high speed just before it buried deep enough in my left middle finger deep I could see the point on the opposite side. Fortunately no nerves - fishing was too good, out came the pliers, and so did the clouser with a good yank. Few squeezes to let the blood flush any contaminants, my stripping guard moved to that finger and pressure applied then back to fishing.... I got two things: darn lucky and had a good reminder of why it's important to always wear glasses.
  3. caught_the_fever

    Pogies are in.

    I'm sure I'll enjoy my weekend up north but reading this thread is killing me knowing I can't fish the salt. Saw a ton of birds circling waters in Greater Portland this morning but nothing diving nor water boiling. Seemed like the water may have just started to simmer as I was passing by. I never like to cut my trips short back home but may have to do so in order to get an hour or two fishing in Sunday night.
  4. caught_the_fever

    Pogies are in.

    Lots of great information in your post, Mainiac! Thank you for taking the time and being so willing to share what you've picked up along the way. You've helped me have a lot more fun with the fly rod in the salt: much appreciated. Now if I only had the time and money for all the different techniques to be successful!
  5. caught_the_fever

    Hiking in the morning, salmon in the afternoon

    A very complete post, awesome! Looks like a great well-rounded trip and glad to hear you appreciated the climb once you were on it. Beautiful area of the State and could only imagine the size fish they were catching from those waters in the Thoreau days. Katahdin was always on my list to do and was fortunate to climb with a great group a few years ago. We did Roaring Brook, Dudley then Knife's Edge - never been a fan of heights and figured if I was climbing this mountain I'd cross off two things at the same time. Great experience.
  6. caught_the_fever

    Rocks and sand.

    Thanks Mal - this has been a factor for me as my most convenient spot is rather shallow without the drops. Went down in what seemed to be perfect conditions in the last week but nothing. Went out Sunday evening for a short while - beautiful evening to be out - not a single bite. Just as I was getting ready to pack up a 30"+ fish went airborne about 300 yards out. No way I was casting that far but it inspired me to shoot a few more casts hoping maybe a few smaller fish might cruise the warmer water closer to shore. May need to mix it up if the end goal is a bent rod.
  7. caught_the_fever

    Start of the season on the north shore

    Beautiful pictures and country! Thank you for sharing.
  8. caught_the_fever

    Who wants..........

    It definitely felt like one of those days and I would have definitely taken you up on that offer if I didn't have to work. The area I fish, which is very convenient to home, has seen a marked drop in activity. Could have benefited from a nice re-charge that only a rough thumb can provide. Hopefully you were able to get into some fish.
  9. caught_the_fever

    After losing a big one ........

    or for some of us, just putting the shoes on in the morning! ha, ha I've got to get myself back into shape, other than rounded belly.
  10. caught_the_fever

    After losing a big one ........

    Echo the sentiments of the experience of being outdoors and either in or on the water being the highlight for me. Sure I love to catch fish, and confirm the size of what I caught, however, it's just great being out. When I lose fish, there's that reactionary S.O.B. exclamation which is either said internally or shouted out depending upon the situation however I appreciate the fact I was able to entice a bite and admire that fish's ability to best me that time. The fun of what keeps us coming back!
  11. caught_the_fever

    North of Rockland

    Curious if anyone is landing anything in Bangor yet - don't need any hot spots, just wondering if there have been confirmed landings. We're heading north this weekend and I was planning to work the 4 or 6 weight on fresh water but may bring up the heavier outfit if there's a chance for the striped ones.
  12. caught_the_fever

    Thoughts / Opinions?

    I hear you, Aldo. I don't have much desire to get confrontational and I didn't let it ruin my night as I fish to relax and enjoy the outdoors, the dude abides so to speak. This is why I extended the benefit of the doubt on the first occasion and nothing was said. That stated given feedback here I also feel it's reasonable to be assertive and let others know I don't wish to be encroached upon if there's plenty of space all around us, particularly when bouncing hooks within 10' of me. I'm reasonable enough to understand if I go to some areas it may be more of a shoulder-to-shoulder experience. As some know I'm happy to share what little knowledge I've gained - just like to have a sense of who someone is before doing so. I've previously encountered poachers at this very area and don't really wish to help that cause. But if I know I'm dealing with a respectful person just looking to catch a fish, happy to help. Anyhow, once again, appreciate the insight guys and good luck this weekend. Hope all the dad's out there have a great Father's Day.
  13. caught_the_fever

    More rainbows

    Plecain - some beautiful photography and fish, nicely done! Excellent report - reminds me of a member on another forum whose angling and writing talents are both impressive within his posts.
  14. caught_the_fever

    Thoughts / Opinions?

    Appreciate the thoughts guys. Since I'm still fairly new to the fly game, I didn't know if this approach was common/accepted. All seem to express thoughts similar to those I had. Sorry if taken as a rant by some, just wished to understand if my interpretation of that was consistent with the experienced in the crowd. They stuck around and watched me fish until I was leaving. I nearly approached them at that time to call out his buddy gaining intel then to extend a lack of courtesy. However, in the event it was me just making a bad read I let it go, just wanted to get home to my son at that point in the night. I figure I'll have an opportunity should I see him again - I'll recall face and outfit - and definitely won't hold back the next time if encroached upon. Obviously I understand it's not my ocean and I generally lean on the theory of the more the merrier but done appropriately.
  15. caught_the_fever

    Building a canoe

    Sounds awesome! I've never done it but one of my former colleagues had. He didn't finish it due to a number of reasons though. Wish you the best with it; will be an extremely rewarding ride once complete. Good luck!