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  1. Jack McDonald

    Scandi line question

    You should check out the Airflow Rage line. A Scandi on steroids. They can handle bigger flies and wind. Combine that with a 10 ft Polyleader (Stealhead/Salmon).
  2. LL Bean is not really a rod manufacturer. They just have some company in Korea make their rods. The only good rod LL Bean made was manufactured by G Loomis years ago. Most of the good rod manufacturers that make rods in the USA would be able to replace that piece. Either have it in stock or make it for you. Why anyone would buy a rod from LL Bean is beyond me. Especially with the change in return policy. I'm sure someone will have some sort of rebuttal. Looking forward to reading it! LOL
  3. Jack McDonald

    Fly Reels

  4. Jack McDonald


    More than once you have challenged me to come down and fight, a threat of physical violence for just having an opinion different than yours. There must me a line that never gets crossed on here. Folks just don't stand up to you and your BULLYING ways. You need to be banned from this site.
  5. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    Actually, when someone challenges another to physical violence for having an opinion like Mainiac did, they should be banned from the site. There has to be a line that doesn't get crossed on here. He is not well.
  6. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    I do think the ship blown of course led by a pirate and his henchmen was a good analogy. LOL
  7. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    What happened to MAINIAC's posts?? Inviting me to come down and fight him. He's so thoughtful that way.
  8. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    WOW! You were really 350 LBs? Good for you for loosing 80! You're right. I'm just a little guy. 6'2" and a half and only 235. I exercise every day. I was hoping that folks would focus on FLY FISHING. Not all this other stuff. Only FLY FISHING should count. Other stuff should be in another category. Then go at it. But, that's not what happens here. This site is like a big ship blown off course. Led by a pirate and his henchmen.
  9. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    Does this mean you won't be sending me a Christmas card this year? You know, like the one you sent me last Christmas with the picture of you in the big red Santa suit.
  10. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    Many very very good fly fishermen just don't post here. This is what they get. I know some of them.
  11. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    Your posts are self-aggrandizing!
  12. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    He's the one who more than once challenged me to come down to fight. Yet, I'm the one who gets this from the likes of you. Mal does what he does to be everyones hero. Really, I was holding back.
  13. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    Once again Mainiac you are internet brave. I saw your pic. Just don't sit on me. You self admit in other posts that you have bad knees and are on pain killers. Pandering to your sycophant base on here. I knew when I posted I would get this. If you were a fish, you're just to easy to catch. So easily take the bait. Again, just you and your bootlickers want to read about someones video games. This was never about FLY FISHING. It should be.
  14. Jack McDonald

    Video games

    I'm confused. I thought this was about fly fishing. That is the category right? Who the heck wants to hear about someones video game experience? Another off topic experience. Yeti and the NRA. That went well!
  15. Jack McDonald

    2018 8-Weight Reel Shootout

    I was also wondering why the Waterworks-Lamson Cobalt reel was not in the test? Has the following advantages: 1. MICRALOX finish which offers twice the durability and 55 times the corrosion resistance than the standard Type 2 anodizing. 2. Drag completely sealed to 30 meters. (Tested and certified) 3. Asymmetrical spool and frame. that eliminates the need for separate spool counterweight. 4. More strength on top and less on the bottom for added strength underneath the reel seat. 5 12 lb adjustable drag I can't help but think it would have won the test.