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  1. DirigoAngler

    St Croix Legend Ultra 9 ft 8 wt 2 piece SOLD

    I'll take it.
  2. DirigoAngler

    Where to go?

    Kevin, I would love to have you as a guide. I'll follow up via PM to figure out details.
  3. DirigoAngler

    Where to go?

    Hey Maniac. I think it's a block. I'll PM you.
  4. DirigoAngler

    Where to go?

    I'm planning my spring/early summer fishing trip. I was looking at places out west or in Canada, and then realized, I haven't really explored Maine enough. I wanted to ask this community, where do you consider a must-explore area for trout? I'm considering Rangeley, obviously, but was hoping folks could provide some others to consider. Are there lodges or guides you love? For some context, I'm looking at spending 4-6 days. I'm not opposed to spending time on lakes and ponds, but my real passion is fly fishing in streams and rivers. I'd rather have my tourism money stay in state, so any hints are much welcome!
  5. DirigoAngler

    Getting the most outa those small streams

    I want to go fishing with you. Nice report!
  6. DirigoAngler

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    Fair enough. I was expecting the cloud cover to get the fish in a more trusting mood. But nothing was hitting that day. Talked to about a half dozen other anglers and had the same report. Flows were on the high side that way. Hit Swift River yesterday and got a couple brookies before the crowds came out.
  7. DirigoAngler

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    Nice day looks like. I headed up that way last weekend in what turned out to be a heavy rainy weekend. Fish were keeping a low profile.
  8. DirigoAngler

    RL Winston rod Co. Passport fly rod for sale!

    I'll get in on that rod if it's still for sale.
  9. DirigoAngler

    Saco or Swift River?

    Thanks for the head's up!
  10. DirigoAngler

    Saco or Swift River?

    I had heard that it was warming up early, but that could be just rumor.
  11. DirigoAngler


    Nice looking spots. Would love to visit. I'm in a similar situation, Jamie. Only in reverse. I grew up in Southern Maine, but moved away when I was in college and just moved back to York County from Colorado. Any chance you'd be willing to share some Southern Maine fly fishing tips with a returning Mainer?
  12. DirigoAngler

    Saco or Swift River?

    I'm looking to spend some time on a river in the White Mountains region this weekend. Trying to decide between the Swift River and the Saco River (or any streams worth visiting over those). Anyone get up there recently with a recommendation?