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  1. Crown of Maine

    Czech Nymphing

    Im using an 11ft 3wt rod with like 20 ft of leader with a 2 ft section of sighter material connected to my tippet. I run a two fly rig with a heavy tungsten and lead wrap jig hook to help prevent snags. Not having the distance kind of stinks on bigger rivers but i was suprised the amount of fish i caught that were a rods length away
  2. Crown of Maine

    Czech Nymphing

    Ive noticed a huge difference in my catch rate. You feel way more takes as you are always in contact with your flies. Ive even caught a couple doubles. Im amazed at how well it works
  3. Crown of Maine

    Czech Nymphing

    Ive been doing it for a month now and was just wondering if others do it in maine and have any success
  4. Crown of Maine

    Czech Nymphing

    Has anyone tried there hand at european or czech nymphing?
  5. Crown of Maine


    Just fished it sunday and caught 48 salmon. Over a dozen in 15-17 range
  6. Crown of Maine

    20 inch club

    Taped out at 25.5 inches
  7. Crown of Maine

    You Tube Tying

    Fly fish food is another
  8. Crown of Maine

    Fly boxes

    Tacky fly box. Hands down. Well built, slim, clear, holds flies really good.