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  1. Maine trip

    Thank you all. I may have to do the wait and see approach to the trip. I've never been to Maine so I. At just enjoy the beauty this trip and plan future trips around fishing. Thank you all so much for all the helpful reaponses. I definitely won't be looking up strippers, maybe stipers. Isn't it odd that the iPad auto completed to stripper not stripers. So much good info on this forum you all do a great job.
  2. Maine trip

    Thanks guys. I appreciate all the input. I will covertly suggest a day trip to explore northern Maine a bit. strippers would be a blast we have some small ones in one of our larger lakes but not too large of size. I appreciate everything again you all are awesome for helping someone out of state
  3. Maine trip

    I am making my first trip to Maine over the week of July 4th. Having never been here I needed somebody guidance on a few things. I am staying in Camden and my wife suggested I bring my fly rod with me so I can fish while she shops. I have searched for good locals near Camden (it has to be close by as she will be dropping me off and then leaving). By no means am I looking for private hotspots or secret locations (unless you want to share those) I'm just looking for some productive water so I can have a true Maine fly fishing experience. In western pa it is hard to find water that holds fish into July so I didn't want to spend time on water where fish don't carry over or thrive natively. I would love to try and get into some larger browns or landlocked salmon but I'm just as happy stalking smaller trout. I plan on stopping into a conservation officer office and checking on the regulations so I don't inadvertently break any laws. From what I have read they are far different from pa regulations. Any suggestions are appreciated, and I wanted to let you know how great of a forum community you have here. I have lost myself in all the posts for the last three days, my wife thinks I'm additicted to reading about Maine fishing now. If if any of you ever find your way to western pa I will gladly take you out for a day on the water. I have a few honey holes that catch fish year round and know an extensive network of native streams (hard to find anymore in pa)