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  1. MiniMIdge

    Air - Lock Strike Indicators

    I like these "football" indicators. Easy to add to your line, easy to adjust depth, and they don't ruin your leader!
  2. MiniMIdge

    Dam river flows

    The highest power demand is during the daytime that's when they make all their money. it could also be that the lakes just have more water in them than usual due to all the rain we've gotten.
  3. MiniMIdge

    I have a BIG Problem

    First off...I am relatively new to fly fishing. My parents bought a place in Rangeley a few years ago, so it has kind of forced me to learn to fly fish. Prior to this year I probably have caught less than 15 fish on flies - mostly streamers & nymphs. I've never caught a fish on a dry fly. This year, I finally learned that a drag free drift is MUCH more important than fly selection. And I am catching A LOT more fish!!! My problem is that it seems that all the fish I hook are BIG and I only land about half of them (everything I've successfully landed this year has been 16"-20"). I don't wrestle the fish in and let them take line when then want, most of the time they break off is when I am trying to keep them out of the rocks. I don't like to play the fish too long, because I like to release everything that survives the fight. I was using a 6x leader with 5 lb tippet and I was constantly breaking my leader when I hooked a big fish. I swapped to a 4x leader and still use 5 lb tippet, that has improved my catch rate, but I am still loosing about half the fish a hook (and A LOT of flies!) I don't want to increase my tippet size too much because I am using very small flies. What do you experts suggest for leader size and tippet size/brand?
  4. MiniMIdge

    16 to 19 ich club

    I didn't measure it but it was pushing 20"...I broke off three other fish that were similar size! I was using 6x leader, should have had 4x on!
  5. MiniMIdge

    Maine trip

    I don't know much about the fly fishing in the Camden area, but I do know that you HAVE to have dinner at the Hartstone Inn while you're there!!!! I've been to a bunch of 5 star resturants and this place beats them all!!!!
  6. MiniMIdge

    16 to 19 ich club

    First post...here is a recent Brookie I caught.