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  1. Well I finally got around to trying the foam filled boat and the 8' inflatable. Nice! I have a 10' utility trailer with a drop down ramp in the back. The foam filled boat is rather heavy. NOT going to hoist it up on top of ANYTHING. But it slides in and out of the utility trailer easy. Tried it on Megunticook Lake. Sweet! Battery operated MinnKota trolling motor on the front...I turned the wiring around for it to still propel me forward....although mounted on the front. An Evinrude Mate 1.5 gas outboard on the rear transom. This boat has a transom mount at the front and the back. Worked out sweet. Then tried the the old 8' ODC inflatable. Even more sweet! I modified it a bit. I made a home made mount behind the seat for a battery and a little 8lb thrust trolling motor. Took it out with a very small battery. Went quite a ways and back with no sign of the battery even weakening. So figured it might be too heavy but put another bigger battery on. Not big like a car battery but bigger. Wow. Worked fine and it is so much more capacity. I should be able to go on forever.....sorta I tried the sling mount for the Bottom Line Fishing Buddy 4200 but it sways and turns horizontal when moving. So I took it off. I mounted a block on the frame to hold the fish finder. Discovered it prevents using an oar. But works fine.....and having flippers on....and the motor...I don't even think I need the oars. So I go out without them. I went our on a pond and got a nice approx 2.5lb bass. Mistake though. Didn't check the fly after catching the bass. Next strike the fly was gone. The knot came loose. Shucks. I am so new to bass fishing in Maine. I lost the fly. Only one I had....and cannot find said fly on the internet. It was a big fly...I think a diver....chartreuse with a small stripe of red on bottom about a third of the length of the fly. Some flash in it. Deer hair for the head with eyes. And I think some streamer material in the body with the flared out feathers to imitate legs of a frog I guess. Went out on Ellis Pond late yesterday evening. Used the Water Skeeter brand Backpacker Lite with flippers. That was also a good experience. For simplicity and mobility it was super. I got a small bass this time. Around 9" and I missed another.....but think he was small also. Nothing like the hit when I got the bigger bass. I changed fly's 5 times before I got the bass. It was on a hmmmm. I dunno. A small popper in mouse fly colors. A deer hair head with eyes, and the typical brown body with a hackle tail. The black and grey hackle. Finally got started. After two rotator cuff surgerys back to back, and then the wife's hip surgery.... and then a winter out west..... Finally fishing in Maine....but will be back next April 1............