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  1. igotbugs

    On the I.R. (injured report)

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  2. igotbugs


    Nice! I’d fish those.
  3. igotbugs

    Required Maine Fly Fishing Books

    JH Hall, Covergirl and other stories of Maine fly fishermen also True stories of Maine fly fishermen.
  4. igotbugs

    What to wear under your waders?

    The tapered-leg track pants and synthetic sweat pants that got popular around the same time as skinny jeans are great under waders.
  5. igotbugs

    Maine trip

    I doubt your wife would approve of strippers in Camden but begrudge you a day of fishing up north. But every marraige is unique.
  6. igotbugs

    Cape trip...

    Nice, very nice.
  7. igotbugs

    Cell phone reception

    I do not recommend AT&T for use in the northern or western parts of the state.
  8. igotbugs


    Got droned in a parking lot breaking down my gear last summer after fishing a popular southern Maine river. I firmly believe it was operated by the warden that checked my license on my way in.
  9. igotbugs

    L.L. Bean Rods

    Plenty of ways to break a perfectly good fly rod listed above. One of the most common, especially for new guys, is not letting the rod flex from the grip. Your 9' rod is designed to bend a great deal, but it can only do that if you are using the full machine. If you "choke up" on the rod (not that you said you did) and flex the tip you'll likely break your rod.
  10. igotbugs

    Bass fishing

    I have accepted that despite other qualifications, I'm a pretty lousy saltwater fly-fisher. Been having fun on the locals with smallmouth if anyone wants to join.
  11. igotbugs

    "Crab Moon"

    Good stuff Mike.
  12. igotbugs

    Lightweight Rain Jacket

    The bean's entry level jacket (emerger) does not breathe well. The mid-priced stow-away or flylight or whatever (gortex) is much better.
  13. igotbugs

    Striper tournament 2016

    0330 I believe
  14. igotbugs

    When the big one gets away

    It's called a "long-distance release." Well-established term and definitely a euphemism for getting your *** handed to you.
  15. igotbugs

    Striper tournament 2016

    I'm in this year. Team name: Strangers With Surf Candy.