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    Stripers first and foremost, Brook Trout and Boston Sports Teams after that
  1. BruinsFly

    Nice fish

    Shes a beaut!
  2. BruinsFly

    New best sight fishing!

    Awesome fish! Look at the head on that thing I also appreciate the picture taking technique.
  3. BruinsFly

    Good season so far

    Thanks James - Great post, love the pics! Many healthy looking fish.
  4. BruinsFly


    It definitely seems like the action is picking up down in MA over the past 72 hours, with some nicer fish to-boot. Positives signs after several weeks of frustrating silence.
  5. BruinsFly

    While we wait.................

    I am definitely a kitchen sink guy, but find that I only end up using about 5% of what I bring. Some things, like a first aid kit, are a great idea. something you hope you never have to use, but glad you have it if it is ever needed. Out of curiosity, how do you employ the thingamabobbers when fishing for stripers?
  6. BruinsFly


    Looking forward to hearing how you do, Mainiac! It has been a long winter, and the fish seem to be making solid progress pushing our way.
  7. BruinsFly

    Cape cod Report

    Good luck down there man. The recent reports I have heard from the Cape sound promising, so hopefully you are able to get on them today!
  8. BruinsFly

    Ready for stripers

    I have the same reel and love it. I have never had an issue with mine, but I wash it down diligently with fresh water after each use.
  9. BruinsFly

    Crabbin' 101

    Thanks for the info, Mal. Last summer was my first season fly fishing the salt, and although I had heard that crab patters can be very successful, I never experience success with them myself. One thing I am wondering, are crab patters only effective during the day? It would make sense that at night stripers see a fly silhouetted against the night sky (hence why dark flies are more effective), so a fly being dragged along the bottom would go unnoticed.
  10. BruinsFly

    Bait Feeds

    I spent Wednesday fishing several spots, starting in Ogunquit, down to York and then ending up at Hill Beach. I hooked in to about a dozen dinks in the 16-18" range at the beginning and end of the day, but while I was down in the York area there was a ton of life around, including a massive school of what looked to be peanut bunker being pushed to the surface by Mackerel. This continued for well over an hour, and I hooked in to over a dozen of the mackerel, but it left me wondering if there was likely stripers feeding below the mackerel (this was in 15'+ of water, and what the best technique would be to get down to them if they were around. Does anybody more knowledgeable than myself happen to know the answer here?
  11. BruinsFly

    Swan song.

    Happy birthday!
  12. BruinsFly

    pod casts?

    Finally something I have some experience with, as a novice fly fisherman I second the Orvis fly fishing podcast. It has been around for a while so there are plenty of archives to go through. I also appreciate that each episode they spend time doing the "Fly Box," generally discussing a variety of fly fishing topics, not just the featured topic of the show. Some other fantastic, yet not fishing related, podcasts: Radiolab, Outside Podcast (cool outdoor survival stories), Revisionist History, Criminal. Cheers!
  13. BruinsFly

    youtube or Vimeo

    3-4 minutes seems to be the sweet spot, but I think production value is more important than length. A well produced video with some solid audio can keep me enthralled for a very long time.
  14. BruinsFly

    Taking a hard look tomorrow.

    I started south around Marginal Way and tried several spots moving north to try and dodge the wind, found a half dozen little guys or so.
  15. BruinsFly

    Taking a hard look tomorrow.

    Tight lines! I am thinking about heading down to the Kennebunk or Biddeford area myself.