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  1. Mainiac

    Sunday/Monday 7/22,23

    Like 0400.
  2. Mainiac

    Sunday/Monday 7/22,23

    I'll be fishing the rising tide both mornings, early. Lookin' for some company. Who wants to fish with me ?
  3. Mainiac

    Anchor bag for Canoe?

    Anchor bags work great. Make or find one made of sturdy mesh material.
  4. Mainiac

    Finger guard?

    As long as it ain't a Speedo !
  5. Mainiac

    Night parking

    For those who don't know. If you contact the local Police department about where you can park at night to fish they will help you out. Scarborough, Saco and Biddeford Police are very cool about helping those who ask for advice on night parking. Save yourself a ticket or tow .......
  6. Mainiac

    Kennebunkport bridge

    I seriously doubt it. Call K-port Police to find out for sure.
  7. Mainiac

    Lost Hat

    Lost it in the Inca cave. Indiana Jones
  8. Mainiac


    Thanks Rick. I'll take you up on that offer !
  9. Mainiac


    I'll NEVER fish ledges again. Yesterday I hit some local ledges with Nympho and 5wgt.. Pogies were in hard and the bass were on them. Despite a great outing (Eric caught most of the fish) I went down ha'ad , three times. My knees just can't take the super hard surfaces anymore. I guess age and infirmity have finally caught up with me. So I'm done fishing ledge,except by boat. Today I'm sofa bound with ice paks on my knees and oxycodone in my coffee. DONE, DONE, DONE ....................................... Oh ya . Some guy fishing live pogies caught a 48 incha that was fat as a hog and probably rel close to FIFTY pounds !!!!
  10. Mainiac

    Had a rough month

    That really sucks. Surgery is one thing but losing a beloved family member sucks ha'ad ! Been there , done that. I've been truly blessed to have had several loving dogs in my life. Every one becomes a family member and loved for it. I feel your pain brother. Get another in a moth or so. It will rebuild your broken heart,I know through tough experience. As for crying. I broke down each time I lost a beloved dog. No shame at all.
  11. Mainiac

    Nice fish

    Holy **** thats incredible !!!
  12. Mainiac

    Finger guard?

    Calouses .
  13. Mainiac

    Radio Silence... Either....

    The world is ending.......................... Alan got the skunk !!!!????!!!!!
  14. Mainiac

    Rod fell apart

    pretty cool !
  15. Mainiac

    Extended Heat and Striper Behavior

    Yes and yes.