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  1. Ftyer

    lit them up..................

    Thanks again, Mal, great to fish with you and even better to meet you. It was also awesome to meet everyone else too...that early morning wake up had me forget my manners first time I posted this.
  2. Ftyer

    Broken Scott 9wt Fly Rod

    While I agree with Cabela's having nice rods, I was told a few weeks back that their rods really don't carry a warranty beyond a year for damage that's your fault, just might be something to consider when choosing a brand.
  3. Ftyer

    Broken Scott 9wt Fly Rod

    I'll just say that I'm a fan of TFO in general. I throw an 8 weight Kreh model in the salt a good bit of the time and enjoy it. I've also broken a different rod of theirs and thirty bucks and two weeks later I had a replacement.
  4. Ftyer

    Access Question

    You're the man, James. You've been answering my questions all week and I'm super grateful for it. Thank you very much.
  5. Ftyer

    Access Question

    Hey everyone, so I've been having some issues with accessing water and what is or isn't legal. I called the state department, but I can't say I got an entirely clear answer. All of that said, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of where to find out whether or not water is "private?" I was under the assumption that if you were wading/fishing anywhere between the high/low water mark, then you were fine, but apparently that's not always the case? I apologize if this subject has been discussed a million times already, but if anyone could point me in the right direction or give me a general rule to work with, that would be awesome. I appreciate all the help that comes from this forum and I thank any contributors to this thread in advance.
  6. Ftyer

    Good season so far

    Thank you for that information.
  7. Ftyer

    Good season so far

    Solid post and pics....probably a dumb question too, but does anyone happen to have any Intel on what type of jellyfish that is? I've been seeing a few of them around and I always like to learn as much about everything else in the ecosystem as I do the fish.
  8. Ftyer

    It was a cold rainy morning.

    Solid story, and I'll say that one of the more exciting things on the water can be whenever a fish races right at you and your only option is to reel, I can only imagine what that one was like.
  9. Ftyer

    The Face of Addiction

    Hahah! And if there were no stripers, they'd probably let you start auctioning off your family members for lobster bait!
  10. Ftyer

    Flip flops everywhere

    I often collect it as I progress and then collect it all on my way back and just chuck it into my stripping basket. While I know absolutely no one here, has there ever been a collective trash removal from Maineflyfish? Just curious, 'cause it could be worthy, but I also don't know all that much about nothin'.
  11. Ftyer

    Flip flops everywhere

    It's how things are these days. No one thinks that their actions ever have consequences, and our society has done a wonderful job at numbing our population to this. It's a pretty terrible thing, and it's incredibly rare that I see people picking trash up other than myself--even fellow fisherman seem to be more concerned with their "catch." It's no wonder why it's proposed that by 2050 (don't quote me on that date, it may be incorrect, give or take a decade) there will be more weight of trash in our oceans than fish. Something to think about the next time I reach for a synthetic to tie a fly as well.
  12. Ftyer

    Dislodged crab.

    I'm gonna try my hand at this one in the next week as it's been stuck in my brain since the topic began. I'm thinking a flattened lead body with a sheep fleece body, claws crafted from sheep fleece, with the whole thing then taking a coat of silicone and the claws being coated in silicone so they are rigid, yet still have some subtle movement and they can be put in just about whatever position you like. However, the legs are still stumping me. I'm thinking maybe some hackles, or maybe rubber legs...that one still needs to be worked out...but I'll report back when I get the chance to.
  13. Ftyer

    Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    It's interesting to hear the perspective of an ex-employee. However, I guess that I'm not all that surprised. The Bean has more or less become a money-hungry, fast fashion brand that capitalized on the image that their brand carried during the time it started and for probably a few decades following, and now, caters to all those guys and gals who like to occasionally do things outside just so they can talk about how "outdoorsy" they are and post about it on their social media. My main qualm is, it seems that their waders were only worth the price because they were backed by their warranty. That leaves them the option to lower their prices or offer a satisfactory repair service, which would be my ideal scenario since it requires a lot less production with "virgin" materials for a similar service. I assume that neither of those things will happen, however. I've never actually owned their waders, but I was heavily considering buying a pair prior to this season simply for its warranty. I get that things don't last forever, and I've been through a lot of "entry" level waders in my day, but would anyone spend about $150 on a pair of shoes that only last maybe thirty wearings? I've had entry-level waders fail in far fewer outings than that, and I can't say I enjoy that cost for such poor performance. I also don't love all of the wasted material that comes from that sort of stuff. I guess the better choice now is to spend the extra few bucks on nicer waders by Patagonia or even Simms simply because they're more responsibly made and might take you through sixty outings before dying on ya. Not to mention, I'd be willing to wager that a lot of those products made in the "far East" probably have things like, absolutely terribly practices that drastically affect our environment for the worse, poorly paid employees, and potentially even slave labor to some degree. So yeah, poor products, poor business decisions, and what seems to be a lack of care for their employees, their products, and their practices all equates to that company getting nothing from me.
  14. Ftyer

    Good budget polarized fishing sunglasses?

    While I'll agree to an extent, I believe that the main selling point between the polarization in the hundred dollar range and the twenty dollar range is that the more expensive glasses generally have the polarization worked right into the lens itself, where the cheaper ones generally get a film of polarization added to the lens last. The first option just lends itself to a bit more durability and security in the long run.
  15. Ftyer

    Good budget polarized fishing sunglasses?

    I'd say Suncloud is a pretty solid choice for the fifty dollar budget--pretty sure they are owned by Smith, so you can assume similar quality for their cheaper price. But for a little extra cash, I'd look into a pair of Natives. They have a lifetime warranty that guarantees you a new pair for thirty bucks should anything unfortunate happen, and I mean anything, even if your dog eats everything but one of the glasses arm. also, I believe Native crafts a lot of their frames out of castor beans and not synthetics...that goes a decent way with me as a consumer.