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  1. TomH

    AZ Brown Trout Pictures

    Hi Everyone I'm still getting ready to visit Rangeley area of Maine in mid-Oct. Exciting! Just thought you might like to see a couple of pictures just sent to me by a young fly fisher and stream biologist for the AZ Dept. of GAme and Fish. These were taken on the Black River in the White Mts. of Eastern Arizona. Cheers, Tom
  2. TomH

    What Does Your Tying Area Look Like ?

    Thanks for the incentive to clean up my act a bit. My little shelf is in the laundry room, but I also have a closet where I keep tying stuff. I try to keep the area where I tie less cluttered, but I's a never-ending challenge. Tom p.s. I'll also attach a couple nice brown trout photos from a friend with the AZ Game and Fish (from the Black River in the White Mts. of Eastern AZ)
  3. Thanks for the reminder about snow. Hope it doesn't, but I'll prepare...
  4. Hi Again My wife Robin says I'm like a dog with a bone when it comes to fly fishing/tying. She's right, of course! Here is my first shot at some Rangeley flies. (I usually discover that my old tried and true flies outfish any that I attempt to tie for special places. Oh, well; it's the excitement of getting ready, right? If you're a professional fly tyer, a good fly tyer, or just a perfectionist, you may not want to look at these flies. Tom
  5. Howdy, Everyone Thanks for the ideas. I would be happy to reciprocate if any of you get down to our area here in NM. Actually, the notable fly fishing streams are in northern New Mexico and Colorado, but I might help there, too, as I have fished the San Juan and have a friend who knows everything about News Mexico Streams. Rex (Johnson, Jr) wrote a book "Fly Fishing in Southern New Mexico" and one on Arizona as well. You might find them a good read; not expensive paperbacks on Amazon. Just in case any of you have some other thoughts on getting into places around Rangeley, I'll attach what I have found in regard to what streams are ok to fish in mid-October. I'm not sure about Sandy River, but it seems like they're saying that you can fish from the upper bridge at Rt. 142 downstream to the Kennebec River. I haven't a clue as to how any of these streams would fish or where to access, so I'd appreciate any ideas you might have. Also, smaller streams would be fun -- I'm used to fishing them... Cheers, and happy fly fishing. Tom
  6. Thanks, Kevin I may try a larger modified Prince Nymph pattern, too. I'm having some luck here in NM with one with a bead and with white buck tail for the wing. It's much more durable than the goose biots and seems to get lots of attention. I'm using elk hair for the tail. I'll see what I can do with the white marabou idea. Tom
  7. TomH

    Brown trout on para-hoppers

    I love brown trout. Thank you; and on dry flies, too! Tom
  8. Hi, Fly Fishers I'm Tom, an avid fly fisher and tyer from New Mexico, who is visiting friends at a time share near Rangeley Oct. 15-22. Although I'm 72, I'm used to walking streams in Western New Mexico and in the mountains of Eastern Arizona, and I typically walk 4-5 miles round trip when I fish. Robin and I are renting a car in Portland, so I'll have transportation to fish streams in the Rangeley area. I did check out which rivers allow fishing through October, but I would greatly appreciate any ideas about streams and getting to good fly fishing areas. Also, any ideas about fly patterns that would be especially good during that time of year. Anybody interested in a partner to fish, please let me know. I will drive. Thanks for any ideas and help! Tom Hines Silver City, NM