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  1. mac

    Back on the small streams...

    Congratulations. none of the open water in western Maine is anywhere near 40 degrees yet.
  2. mac


    Nothing open in the Bethel or Rangeley areas yet.
  3. mac

    When tying

    Last year I used my insurance to get a pair of polarized bifocal sunglasses. Best investment I've made in fishing gear. I can see to tie on even the smallest flies now.
  4. mac

    Grants Camps victimized

    I just met Deborah at our Expo in March. You just can't tell about people sometimes.
  5. mac


    I recognize that gravel bed. Congratulations Dave, nice brownie.
  6. mac

    Year round river

    Lots of water still closed in with ice here in the western mountains near Bethel and north. The only river in this area that's open now is the Andro which from my experience does not fish well in cold weather. You'd be better off heading to southern Maine or NH.
  7. mac

    Eldredge Brothers annual expo

    Sorry I missed you there yesterday, too many folks to see everyone. Great show as always. Hope to see you on the water in the Rangeley region this year.
  8. mac

    New pattern

    Congratulations Jax, nice fly.
  9. mac

    Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo March 18

    Kevin: How did you deliver the rod and tying kits to the expo? Mac
  10. mac

    Eldredge Bros. 14th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

    We're planning on it Eric. Hope to see you there. Stephen was at Grant's Camp booth all day at our expo. Mac
  11. mac

    Eldredge Bros. 14th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

    I am hoping to make the trip down once again this year.
  12. mac

    Western Maine Expo

    Great to see you and so many good friends again at the expo Alex. For those of you who did not attend mark your calendars for next year, March 17th is the date for the 7th annual Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo.
  13. mac

    Flies for Kids

    Will do Kevin. See you Saturday.
  14. mac

    Flies for Kids

    Kevin: I have 2 dozen flies I forgot to take with me the last time I went to EBFS. Would you like me to give them to you at the Expo Saturday or would you prefer that I mail them to the fly shop?
  15. mac

    The Arkansas, Pueblo CO

    Very nice, congratulations.